Game Kingdom "NY" SSF4 Tournament 02/05/2011


Game Kingdom “NY” SSF4 Tournament 02/05/2011

Step up all and test your skill in our SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV TOURNAMENT!

Location And Contact Info
Game Kingdom
Flushing Mall
133-31 39th Ave. F21
Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: (718) 886-5870
Site: Facebook Page Search "Game Kingdom"

Super Street Fighter 4 for the PS3 console

$5 Venue
$5 Pot
$10 In All

Traveling Info
Train: 7
Bus: Q13, Q20, Q28, Q44, Q16, Q66, Q65
Call For Info If Needed or use the site

3 Playstation 3 Stations
2 Controllers Per station
Bring Your Own Fight Sticks And Controllers If You Per-far.

Game Time
Casuals Starts At 3:00pm
Tournament Starts At 4:00pm

Double Elimination
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Matches

1st 70%/ 2nd 20%/ 3rd 10%
The higher attendance of players, the higher your cash winnings!
Let everyone know!

Can’t Wait To See You Players At The Game Kingdom Tournament!
Enjoy & Good Luck!


Are you guys still using the same laggy TVs as before?


The televisions in our store are state of the art and flawless. All designed by LG and are 1080p from 2010. All those televisions are 120mhz. Therefore lag is not a problematic issue. To further prevent lag, we have “sports” setting option on each of our televisions.


Most state of the art TVs (generally LCD and Plasma Screens) are prone to TV lag more than most other conventional types of TVs. They may be the best for watching movies or TV where TV lag is not a factor but in gaming (especially fighting games) where milliseconds mean everything, they are not the best. They are actually inferior.

What is the exact model of these TVs?


Isn’t this the same tournament with the shitty TV’s? I support nyc scene and I appreciate people trying to run tournaments but if your equipment is not up to par please don’t run a tournament until it is. I think your best bet for the person running this is to purchase or get guitar hero 2 or any music game and calibrate the tv to see how laggy it is.

I believe I went to one of the tournaments ran by you guys and the lag was unacceptable. Test those TV’s because I really don’t want to waste my 30 min trip and 2.25$ travelling to this tournament to go back home.


the tvs are the of best quality that you can buy. we have had two ssf4 tournaments and have gotten no complaints about the tvs. in the last tourney we had around 15 people show and everyone had a good time.


idk about all that, I know about 5 people who went, and they all said the same thing. Even the top 3 were complaining. Just use some CRT’s.


well those are the only tvs we got. we do have a larger screen sony tv but that would limit the number of systems we can use at once, to just one. but if you guys prefer we could do that. i am not use if that would lag but you guys are more than welcomed to stop by before the tourney and try it out.


i didnt notice much lag on the tv’s really. but it was there. then again. the tv i played on had settings set to the lowest 4xx setting. if you change them all it shouldnt be a GREAT issue, but during casuals it felt sorta rough. Ah well. Im in this. I hope I can rematch sk.


When I played on the TV’s over there, they did feel somewhat laggy. However, they weren’t that big of a problem to me.


I already explained to you that good quality tvs are prone to TV lag. Sorry, but most people who aren’t gamers are unaware of TV lag and how it affects high level gaming.

These TVs weren’t just a little bit laggy, they were VERY VERY laggy. The only TV at a tournament that lagged worse than this was the 1st TV at Kings games.

I understand you want to make you money and defend your store but, your TVs lag. Of course a business man as yourself isn’t going to spend money on new TVs on an issue you dont think is real, but the facts are that your TVs lag and it greatly affects gameplay.


I don’t mind bringing my lagless monitor to your tournament also. I’ll support any tournament in NYC that I can get to. If you need an extra monitor just say so. If you are using the same monitors from the last tournament please let the community. Thanks =)


to answer BKNYMikeG the exact model of the tvs is the LG 32 inch LD550.

and to correct what i posted earlier, the tvs were not set to game mode but i have done so. hopefully this will reduce some of the lag.

as for what PoeM said about bringing in his own monitor, that is fine with us. but dont expect to pay a lower entry fee and if anything is to happen to the monitor, we are not responsible for that. and this goes for anyone else who may like to bring in their own monitors.

we want to make this ssf4 tournament as great as possible but we need to work with what we got. so if you are willing and able to, you guys can bring anything you’d like to make it a better tournament.


I will support this and attend so u can count me in.


u guys have just convinced me to give you my $10. (exaggeration)


Why weren’t the TV’s put in Game Mode for a TOURNAMENT??
Game Mode doesn’t do much on a lot of TV’s (barely does anything). You are saying you are hoping Game Mode fixes the issue. Instead of hoping, why don’t you have a few people who actually play SSF4 play to test it?


Because he just wants your 10 Dollars


the reason the tvs were not set in game mode was because we thought there were already and nobody bothered to check them. thats is why i made sure to set them yesterday and will be checking before the start of the tournament.

as for checking if it will have any affect, anyone is welcomed to come try out the tvs and see if there is any improvements. i tryed playing ssf4 but didnt notice anything, since i dont really play fighting games.

and to respond to BKNYMikeG, yes this is a business and there fore we need to make money to stay open. but we also want to make our store a place where all gamers can come, have fun and show of all there skills.


Wow You Guy’s Should Really Think About It… Then Again Every One That Comes Should Bring A None Lag T.V. If You Feel So Strongly About It But Then Again If You Think It Will Help Do What You Can To Make Things Better For Everyone… So No Problems Come Up… Be Cool Say In School…


I went up to you ask you if you had a remote for the TVs because the TVs were laggy and unplayable. You told me you didnt have the remote. Now u have it?