Game looks (very bad imho)

Ok fellas, i bought it today.

In all honesty i’m quite pissed off. I played it a couple hours, and to me, this game is really really crappy.

I’m not talking about gameplay here, i still have to learn it and all, it seems pretty fine and fun for that part. What really concerns me its the look.

Now i can’t really take a screenshot of my ps3, but i play in a 27" 1080i lcd, and it seriously look really bad. The background looks much better then the characters on the screen, they’re not defined but instead they’re all blurry and have a really cheap look.

Is it my copy that is falled? (its a sarcastic question since i know that this isn’t possible lol)

I really think they could have done like 100 times better in 2011. For god’s sake look at SF4 and MVC3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I honeslty don’t know if i’m happy about spending 50 euros for a game that look so fucking cheap.


1080i :rofl:

and yes I’m bored, so I’m replying to flame bait.

you are a fucking idiot :tup:

yeah like if 1080i and p could make so much difference … not that i’m saying that i see it bad in 720 lol

And thanks hecatom that was constructive :wink:

I seriously didn’t know companies even bothered with a 1080i, sure your TV isn’t a bootleg from Africa?

Sprites vs. 3D models. Maybe you’re not use to sprites because you’re too new to fighting games? Or you’re purposely trying to get a rise out of players cause you just created your account today.

Maybe you should try switching to 720p.

Here, let me be more constructive:

You are a FUCKING idiot, and if your comparison of 2-D pixel sprites to 3-D models wasn’t enough to tell you why, you probably should stop posting.

Wow, I personally think this is the best looking fighter, and not just 2D fighter, out there now. I play on 1080p 23" monitor. Looks absolutely gorgeous and am totally impressed with the filtering they used, especially after the horrible KoFXII. Dat animation.

I saw this in recently active threads and I thought it’d be another SFxT rant. Lol.

Uhh, assuming this isn’t a troll. Well, looks are subjective, but I honestly don’t get the “blurry/cheap” comment. I can’t see how you can derive that looking at the sprites here…

You sir are a dumbass. im not comparing 2d to 2,5d, i’m saying that, to my eyes, KoF looks like a fucking ps2 game.

Yeah i made the account today, but not for get a rise, but for asking here if the blurring i see in the KoF models is a problem only of me or if this is happening to others too.

i’ll repeat myself once again:
The background looks awesome, the characters looks unsharp and crappy blurred and pixellated.

more clear now?

And btw yeah, i’m pretty used to sprites, i started playing fighters with street fighter 2 in the arcades. But yeah, its been some years since i played a sprited game …

Well the sprites are pretty outdated. I think it’s the same resolution as Guilty Gear sprites(GG sprites look better imo) and that was a ps2 game… hell it was a dreamcast game also.

So yeah there you go. If you want more crisp sprites, go check out Blazblue.

oh you silly boys

Dont put your game on 1080i. For some reason 720p looks better then 1080i.

At least for me, and if I set the xbox to 1080i I can notice a blurry difference from the get go; I’ve learned not to do this a long time ago…just dont do that shit.

Its hard to believe you’ve been playing fighting games since SF2 but seem incredibly heart broken over graphics; game is godlike & the sprites are just fine… adapt to them & checkyourself. Maybe after your turn your xbox to 720p and play a little more you"ll brighting up.

Honestly, who fuckin cares?

Your opinion can eat a dick.

They look great, probably the highest amount of detail put into pixel sprites thus far.

BlazBlue might have higher res sprites, but KOF has infinitely more of them. I’d rather take KOF’s standard res sprites with 15 frames in a standard attack animation than BlazBlue’s super high res sprites with 2 frames in a standard attack animation.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy GG/BB as much as most other people (hell, in the case of BB, MORE than most other people since people love to hate on it for not being GG), but their animation quality has absolutely nothing on KOFXIII.

Even if your claim that the game looks like crap was true (which it isn’t) then this completely broke your argument

“I’m not talking about gameplay here, i still have to learn it and all, it seems pretty fine and fun for that part. What really concerns me its the look.”

“I honeslty don’t know if i’m happy about spending 50 euros for a game that look so fucking cheap.”

Have fun with your pretty looking but unfun games. Us real men only consider playing fighters for the GAMEPLAY

hey look, someone else who doesn’t appreciate dot art.

Next i’m going to see “SF4 looks beautiful”.

The reason being it’s interlaced and not progressive. So while it’s higher quality overall, your picture will tend to look sharp and choppy compared to progressive soft blended pictured.

in stupid terms, 720P is better than 1080i.