Game mechanics - dash and throw


ok we all know that you can’t dash forward and press -> H or <- H
and get a throw without crouching first (essentially canceling your dash)

however, if you have ever plink dashed backwards with H+atk, you’ve sometimes done a backthrow… out of dash.

I believe that this means you can throw directly out of backdash but not forward dash.

Can someone confirm?

The other possibility is being able to backthrow out of dash but not forward throw. This is probably incorrect.

So to reiterate, without crouching:
forward dash forward throw (won’t work)
forward dash back throw (i’ve never tried this, probably won’t work)
back dash forward throw (i’ve never tried this. i expect it to work)
back dash back throw (works)

so yeah, out of blockstun you can mash back+H and plink the atk for the back plinkdash OS throw, but that’s from neutral.
you can OS throws during dashes as well, which is why you can actually mash back plinkdash os throw, and if they are going forward (block string into rapid slash) you will backdash when you get out of blockstun but still cancel dash into back throw.
essentially you get to try for multiple throws instead of getting an H normal

what this also means: theoretical probably not useful setup:
crossup + rapid slash, jam session, or whirlwind assist, and mash back plink dash after they get pushed into you.
you OS the throw with backdashes
again, you get multiple throw attempts instead of a blocked H normal

of course there are characters without back plinkdashes with H (doom due to missiles, chris flamethrower, etc) sorry guys

but yeah, only back plinkdash will get you multiple throw attempts out of dashes,
forward plinkdash will give you 1, the first one. you cannot throw out of forward dash.

this isn’t something i’ve read about or tested thoroughly, so please correct me if i’m wrong.

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