Game mechanics? Parry/counters/reversals

Discuss the various mechanics this game has!

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So if this is an Alpha counter… Any word on possibilties? Like doing a launcher after an Alpha counter? And did anybody notice different ones, like a roll or teleport or anything?

At first everyone had the launcher as their alpha counter, now it seems that everyone has one of their other moves. Sagat has s.HP, Kuma has his double-handed ground lift thing etc. I think Sagat will be able to chain a launcher after his AC or at least cancel it into a special, otherwise characters like Kuma who pops people up into the air will have a way better AC, but maybe that’s just part of character balancing.

(If Sodom is in, I bet his AC will be the Tengu Walk)

It’s an Alpha Counter, performed by hitting :hp:+:hk: during blockstun, costs 1 stock of meter. We’ve known about these since E3.

Is there auto blocking? Like if you block the first hit of my chain, can you mash DP or will you get hit for pushing forward direction?

The game has absolute guard, just like all Street Fighter’s (except for 3rd Strike). However, apparently mashed DPs aren’t as effective here.

Yeah, seems like Cross Rushs are true strings as long as you don’t do a launcher.

GAME MECHANICS IN A NUT SHELL (will update with videos once they are found)
Performed by doing required directional input once (Yes) and either :3p: or :3k: examples :qcf: :3p:, :b::f: :3k:


[SIZE=3]Is a team Super (video)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]For all characters :qcf: :mp:+:mk:[/SIZE]

:lp::mp::hp::hp: after any hit string ending in :hp: or :hk: just hit it twice

:qcb::mk:+:mp: requires full bar to activate

Both Characters are on the screen and can do a ton of damage and unblock-able set ups.
Combines both health bars. Example character 1 has 25% health left and character 2 has 100%. When both combine the health bar will be at 75%
Remaining health that’s left in the health bar will go to both characters. So if there is 60% left in the health bar when cross assaults time is up both characters will get 60%. Great way to regain health for your main character if they got a beating early
Press :hk:+:hp: [SIZE=3]will perform a counter. This counter will interrupt tight block strings. before it used the launch animation. Now people say it uses a normal attack[/SIZE]

Can’t Chain from heavy to light :hp::mp::lp:
from light to heavy :lp::mp::hp: or :lk::mk::hk:

can mix it up :lk::mp::hk:
from :lp: to :lk: or vice versa ok
from :mp: to :mk: not sure. Vice versa no because technically :mk: > :mp: same with :hp: and :hk:

Yes Ryu’s solar plexus :f::hp: into :d::mp: that’s the only one i seen so far

Coming soon :rofl:

All tags/tag cancel are performed with :mp:+:mk: accept for tags during cross rush( you can do it, makes them come out a little faster but pointless)
Regular tag :mp:+mp: (Confirmed)
Can Tag cancel any NORMAL, any Special including EX versions, Any AIR normarl all of this cost one bar
Can tag in your partner when your knock down. Cost one bar
Tag cancel super arts ? ( needs to get tested)

Two launchers in a combo :hp:+:hk:(confirmed)
Combo ends after 2nd launcher connects(confirmed) can’t follow up with absolutely nothing
Command launcher example :df:+:mp:(confirmed) mostly tekken character have these, have not seen a SF character have this
Multilple command launchers in combo (needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?
:hp:+:hk: launcher with out automatically switching characters (kinda confirmed at the same time not confirmed)
Special launchers example :qcf: :p: (confirmed)
Multiple special launchers in a combo(needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?
Ex special launchers (confirmed)
Multiple ex launchers(needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?
You can bounce characters of the floor(confirmed) Once per character(needs to be tested), multiple times if you have meter(confirmed). …both characters can use a non ex floor bounce move in a combo(needs to be tested)

Wall bounces (confirmed)
Multiple wall bounces in a combo(needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?
Non ex wall bounces(needs to be tested)
Multiple non ex wall bounce in a combo(needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?

Floor bounces(confirmed)
Command floor bounce example :f:+:hk:(confirmed)
Multiple command floor bounces in a combo(needs to be tested) if any how much? how much per character?

Maybe if THIS count as one than yes

there are no OTG’s really its just that you can hit the opponent after a Bound, usally low/mid attacks will hit.

edit. SF4 links are possible, most work(i’ve confirmed 80% of cammy’s links from Super work) example cr.:lk:,:lp:,:lk:,:qcf::k: or :hp:,:mk:,:qcf::k: works and Plinking works too because those links would have never came out without it~ im terrible at links hehe

Is bound the same thing as a floor bounce? I just posted a video under the OTG section. I’ll let other people decide that.
To be honest :d::hp: into :d::mk: isnt that hard xP…now :mp: to :d::hp:is a 1 link frame

im terrible at links~ so i have to Plink everything~ and i can barely do 1 frame ones…gezz cut me some slack~ and yeah floorbounce is a Bound. i say bound or bind as its a tekken mechanic, and it works very much so in this current engine~
its not really a OTG because you cant do it if you just do a knockdown or whenever they are on the ground, it isnt that much like tekken. so its why i cant call it a OTG…sorry if that dont make any sense~ im tried myself…homework…

edit, ok let me try to explain it alittle clearer. in that vid you posted. Julia did a move that knocks down. in this game that move is treated as a “bound” and you can have muliple “bounds” in a combo in this game where as in tekken you get 1(most of the time) and she could follow it with that mid attack~ she actually could have done a full combo from that.
Kazuya, Nina, and King had moves that i’ve seen did this.

now on the flipside, you can’t do a sweep and try to pick them up off the ground, actually 90% of the time i see someone doing a cr.CrossRush the Sweep hits but the launcher doesn’t so its buggy it seems when it actually does hit.

Is the free Cross Assault still in the game when one character is almost dead and the lifebar is flashing?

If so what’s to stop someone from abusing this and getting multiple free Cross Assaults off in a round? Has it been mentioned that it’s going to be capped once per round?

EG: 1st character’s health is almost gone and flashing, 2nd character is at full health, you Cross Assault and the total life gets split up. You keep playing making sure 2nd character takes no damage, then when 1st character is flashing again, Cross Assault, life gets split up again. Rinse/repeat however many times you can get away with.

It always costs meter, even when on a flashing lifebar, IIRC.

It drains it, but doesn’t necessarily require a full super bar to activate when flashing i think. If someone could clarify or point me in the right direction it’d be great.

EDIT: I guess the lower Cross Assault time due to not having a full bar could be enough of a trade-off/deterent for abusing it in the way i mentioned above.

You cannot launch from sweeps, Seth already mentioned this.

Technically, Cross Rush is :l::m::h::h:. It’s classic magic series except that you can’t chain attacks to same strength attacks. In other words, depending on the character, you can do :lp::mk::hp::hp: or :lk::mk::hp::hp:, in fact, for someone like Ibuki, you cannot do :lp::mp::hp::hp: since the first three attacks count as her target combo and will not invoke a launcher on the 2nd :hp:.

ok im guessing it was a :mk: to launcher then~ ok i feel less bewildered.
thanks D3V for clearing that up.

It depends on whether or not close :hk: is a hard knockdown, for example, Cammy’s isn’t, so she can launch of it.

Since the breaker in MK9 was so widely accepted and “popular” it’s no surprise the game has a counter mechanic.
Ono has stated he wanted the game to be easier to pick up and be competitive with than Street Fighter IV, this is a good example of that I think.

There is a similar counter in KOF series for a very long time, never was considered as a “casual” mechanism.

Don’t compare Alpha Counters (which, as the name implies, have been around since SF Alpha) to the breaker mechanic in MK. For one, you cannot use it to get out of a combo. In other words, some guy finds a way to juggle you for more than half your life, then you’ve no choice but to sit back and take it.