Game Newton Foreigners' Tourney - The World Warrior (3S)

1st: BOC - Urien (AU)
2nd: DBkoopa - Yun (KOR)
3rd: Pyrolee - Yun (USA)

4th: Cody - Dudley (AU)
5th: oriku - Yun (AU)
5th: Fubarduck - Chun (USA)
5th: BillyKane - Yun (FR)
5th: King - Ken (KOR)

Updates as I get them

  • Hong (AU/Dudley) lost to ? (KR)
  • MN (AU/Chun) lost to Pyrolee (US/Yun)
  • Ken I (US/Makoto) lost to cody (AU/Dudley)
  • Paul T (AU/HK/Akuma) is out
  • oriku (AU/Yun) still in
  • Akira (AU/Urien) still in

Cody/Akira/oriku in top 8

not sure on other players right now.

Kokujin commentating

Final 8 is SINGLE ELIM

Pyrolee (US)
Fubarduck (US)
BillyKane (FR)
Cody (AU)
oriku (AU)
Akira (AU)

Top 4

Pyrolee vs Fubar : Pyro wins
Korean vs Korean (no idea on names)
Cody vs BillyKane : Cody wins
Akira vs Aurik : Akira wins

Winners Semis:

Pyro vs Korean : KOREAN WINS
Akira vs Cody : AKIRA WINS

Pyrolee vs Cody for 3rd

Akira vs dpkoopa for 1st



go go gavin, andy, kofiend, nestor and


is there some irc-channel with realtime report?
edit: I hope the WHOLE bracket gets saved and published online somehow.


come to #capcom, i will post updates there

good shit ekin, good shit:wgrin:

Great stuff eks. Good stuff from the Aussies, looks like their claim to be the second best nation after Japan has substance now.

Congrats to Akira, and nice to see a non top tier character take home the glory.

Ken I: you better be saving your beast-mode for sbo day.

Can’t wait to see some videos.

congrats to Australia! They won even if the beastly Hong lost before top 8 (he lost to dpkoopa I suppose? or to the other still nameless 5th placer Korean?)!

EDIT: all those same-country pairings on quarter finals is sad, looks something went horribly wrong with seeeding.

yep, he lost to dpkoopa =[

who did dpkoopa use?

Good stuff aussies =]

Too bad that some big names were missing, like Amir and Justin from USA, Ack from Canada/HK and Mymoza from France

Definitely - I know all the aussie contingent wanted to play against Amir, especially after seeing the Evo West videos. Anyway… let’s just hope that this has been good training for all the foreign players… I’ll be happy to see ANY international players do well come SBO day!!!

I hope this tournament has a sequel next year, perhaps with an higher max participants cap. And maybe I will be there too :razzy: (but I need to improve badly before lol)

Another consideration from those results, I wonder why Korea didn’t get a spot too - they seem to deserve one. Next year maybe.

Single Elim was beastly. It was cool seeing everyone and all the matches were pretty impressive.

I’m far to exhausted to give highlights and shout outs right now. I went to the wrong station today for the tournament, so I have been riding trains for a total of 6 hours today. hooray.

I’ll just say this tournament was awesome, And I have lots of pics if people want me to post them.

yes please!!! thanks so much MOD!


Um I dunno which country these guys belong to. They were hype though lol. Prolly CH or AU.

An overall view of the cabs and random people

Pyro Lee about to DESTROY! I mean Genei-Jin!

some UK people and others onlooking as Prince wins his first match

The main display. It shows the cabs in middle which are side by side. The top were on this.

Hong and Dudley on the left and middle make a V pose for Dudley power! Kokujins commentating was awesome. 1, 2, 3!

Thats all im gonna post for now. I guess img code doesn’t work here hmm.

Sweet, thanks Paul. Did you take any video?

By the way, in the “random people” pic, you can see Waqs (UK), Prince/Hatim (UK), and HarmoNaz (UK).

Good job to Pyro, congrats to the guys who beat him.