Game Newton presents: The World Warrior

After a lot of hard work, it’s become a reality:

Who are the early favourites? With no JWong and no Amir (as far as we know), will Fubarduck run the Chun shop? Will Pyrolee join the tournament and prove himself once and for all that he is the best of the rest? Will the Korean players like A-Ryu come out of nowhere and tear shit up? Will SBO freshmen like HarmoNaz and Hong show that they have something to prove?

One thing that’s great to see is players who didn’t qualify for SBO (BillyKane, PaulT) still entering - no matter who wins, the level of play will be sick and at least for me, fulfil many dream matches.

This looks interesting!
There will be Chinese players also (from Shanghai iirc), I wouldn’t underestimate them

This was needed, really - all we knew was that Japan > any country in 3s, but ranking other countries/regions was pure guesswork

This is a good idea, I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. Especially since if I were to go to SBO I’d be primarily concerned with playing as many top Japanese players as I could fit in/afford. I hope everyone that fits the description answers the call. I really have no idea what to expect.

why doubt yourself sir?

yea this is gonna be crazy its japan vs the WORLD… its gonna be crazy to cuz out of all the GREAT players in japan…K.O, Nuki, Tokido, RX all of them…i wonder who is gonna be entered as NO 1 player in Japan…but i would love to see that exhibition match…any non jap country player vs no 1 jap player…shit is gonna be crazy…i want matches…i want videos…i want to see that ass whoopin on japan…

awesome, hope every SBO foreign team enter this tourney

I hope every foreign player enters. This is going to be monumental.

It will be Emphy vs. harmoNAZ

crazy, i didn’t even know emphy was going. this shit is going to be insane

He qualified for Tekken on the EC. KNEEDAIME!

choi vs umehara

Mongolia ftw

Mirror match. They will both hax 3s and each get the white color.