Game of Death 2010: Mexico vs. Japan Part II-Is Kula really that good? See 4 yourself

Special thanks to Danke for coming to Mexico City!! He had a great time and he feels that the best in Mexico should go up against the tops in Japan to see who will win!!!

We only were able to do KOF 2002 because of how long the tournament took to run, it took until 6 AM Sunday morning.

The tournament was ran Pools first, then capped at Double Elimination at the end style with Luis Cha, Danke was eliminated by Ruletas and Bart in the first round of the Pools, but we appreciate him coming!

KOF 2002 Results:

1st- Kula (Puebla, MEX)
2nd- Ruletas (Neza, MEX)
3rd- Kensou (Chilpancingo, MEX)
4th: Caras- (D.F., MEX)

Some notes:

  • Osmani was there, he was eliminated by Luis Cha and Kensou. (Recorded)
  • Kula never got to play Danke in the tournament or outside of it due to lack of time.
  • Bart lost to Kula 5-0 and lost to Osmani 3-0 In Round 4 of Pools and did not make it to The Capped Double Elimination.
  • Kula (W, never lost) won in Grand Finals convincingly vs. Ruletas (L) 5-0.
  • Once it got to the Final 9, THE GAME OF DEATH began, Kula decided to play against all 9 remaining people and defeated them easily!

All the videos will be sent to me this week or weekend and when I receive them I will upload them to my youtube account!

Full steam ahead for All Versus 2010!

It’s not just one DVD’s worth of footage according to Luis Cha, and before I upload ANYTHING from All Versus 2010 I am going to make sure I have all the footage from Game of Death on my channel first so bare with me a lot of high level videos for the next month and a half.

EDIT: All footage posted will be linked in the first post:

Can’t wait to see this batch of videos!

From what I hear it is a monstrous amount of videos, comparable to JuareZ WarZone. (Which is what I want, the more the evidence the better!)

We did get to interview Danke and it is on film in English as well.


hey man, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Can’t wait to see the interview with this Danke fellow as well.

I’m hoping that Bata and Danke will have some great things to say to their fellow top KOF Japan players so that way we can hopefully in the future see at least a team of Japan top players come together to take on a team of Mexico’s top players. That would be the greatest thing ever.

And even though that would be great, imagine a top team from Korea, Panama, US, Brazil, Argentina and all other KOF playing countries coming together for a wolrd KOF championship. Hope your tournies will evolve into that.

The interview with Danke is gonna cause quite a stir I just know it, he said he believes that the tops in Mexico need to play the tops in Japan and*** he thinks that the tops in Japan are SLIGHTLY better than the Tops in Mexico but he wants to see it no questions asked!***

So basically he believes the Tops in Mexico and Tops in Japan are pretty much even!!!

I know it is time for a 5-on-5 Mexico vs. Japan Top Player tournament only, because both Bata and Danke want to see this event happen and it would be HUGE for KOF 2002 no questions asked!

The goal is an Olympics BTW…so everything is leaning towards that, because I do not believe SBO does the rest of the world justice at all…


Any other foreigners or japanese coming again beside Hammer?

To Mexico vs. Panama? Yes, you have possibly 1up the #1 player in the U.K. in 2002, you have Conejo who is the #1 player in 2002 in Panama, and you have possible Mr. KOF to make it a stellar lineup with Luis Cha and the Juarez local players like Zeus, Esteban, Alexis, Lalo, Tarahumara, the 2002 UM Chihuahua crew which will be about 5-7 players by themselves, the Juarez KOFXI crew, etc etc.

Good ish, Mexico. What’s up, Hotromantic? :lol:

Surely there’s enough time to see if any others from Japan can make it to the next tourney. You should really get on that. The problem will most likely be funds as usual but if you generate interest soon enough then those who do want to come can prepare, or other arrangements can be made with you.

Also damn, what’s with Kula apparently scraping everyone while not giving a fuck half the time haha.

How old is Kula anyway? And I’m actually curious to know the average age of the Mexican players since they seem like a cool bunch to hang out with.

Working on that but that is very difficult right now, so I am just focusing on what I have, which looks like a lot to handle right now, I’d rather not add too much more, I got Hummer, Conejo the #1 in Panama, 1up the #1 in UK, Mr. KOF possibly, Luis Cha from Mexico City, so yeah I got enough on my hands now I don’t think I can handle too much more, and I don’t think it’s enough time for more really, it’s only 1.5 months away so it’s time to focus on what I have and quadruple confirm the ones I have coming, as with Danke, Bata etc, the people that go if they have fun like Bata, Danke etc will go back and tell the others and it will just keep growing the people we have at our disposal in the future.

And no, no more financial arrangements, at this point if they are going to come they are going to come on their own, all overhead and expenses MUST BE COVERED by the tournament, so I am not gonna go all crazy on this, that’s not sound business sense.

That’s one of the reasons I didn’t go to this tournament, they had to prove to ME that this tournament is economically feasible and that I can trust them, that it would cover my flight etc, and that’s what I made it do thus I did not go to it.

MvP has to cover its expenses and I do mean all so I am capping out at financial arrangements with everyone else, there is a budget and a goal that must be met, it’s nothing personal it’s simply business, once it proves to pan out with what we have now we can consider more the next time.

But for now no more additions of foreigners etc, the money spent must prove to be made back FIRST above all…there will always be a next time, it’s not that important for it to happen right now, not so much as to make a rash business decision.

It’s business first, pleasure second.

In addition to that this is not the only event happening this year, I cannot throw everything into this and hope the other events go smoothly, simply does not happen that way, there is a $2,000 bonus pot tournament happening in November called Raging Storm Minnesota 2: Revenge, where does that money come from?

The money has to be there first, so sound business decisions have to be made thus I am capping what happens at Mexico vs. Panama and I have to think SOUNDLY about everything, can’t just go on a shopping spree it isn’t that important deals can be made for next year.

I do not know at all how old Kula is but I can ask him. I still wanna money match him in 2002 UM, KOFXI, 98UM, KOFXII, he did not want to money match in KOFXI at JuareZ WarZone against us Juarez players because he said he didn’t feel confident enough.

I say congratulations to him winning the tournament though.


Dark Geese… You’re Mexican? Or are you just living there for the moment?

Neither, I live in Texas, but I am in Mexico practically every 2-3 months for business like what I am doing right now.

However, with that being said, due to how frequent I am there, the Mexicans in Juarez consider me one of them, and when I play in a tournament or anything serious with money on the line, I represent the USA as much as I represent Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

'Cause I was gonna say, ‘You ain’t look Mexican.’ If anything, you look like a Hispanic from the Caribbean. :lol:

what kind of business?

That’s Cuban, and also what is looking Mexican? Mexicans come in all shapes and sizes, not just your stereotypical, there’s White Mexicans, Black Mexicans, Asian Mexicans, Mexican is a nationality not a race though it has became a particular phenotype that has became a generalization.

Organizing video game tournaments/events, delivering the parts, doing what I do now.

Also in case you all did not know, we purchased Danke a Sanwa stick and buttons per his request so that there would be no issues in regards to controls and that is what Hummer will use in All Versus 2010. This what Danke just said in regards to the stick he was using:

"I got my t-shirt. I will look forward to your uploading the video, sanwa stick has no problme and I think hammer can do well by sanwa. "

The irony about this Cuban/Mexican discussion is Danke is in Cuba right now as we speak, that is where he emailed me from.

Good shit bro, keep up the good work. I would love to see you organize something when KOF XIII comes out since it’s shaping up to be on of the best KOF to date. From what I hear it’s beign concidered to be in the lineup for for EVO 2011.

If EVO has KOF13 in their lineup I’ll show up if anything just to enter that tournament Oscar make no mistake about that, and yes I agree 13 is shaping up thus far to be the best KOF to date I would say I “can’t wait” but bottom line is because of how much planning I have to do for tournaments/work, **I can lol.
Oh yeah everyone update, I am being sent the footage tomorrow (Tuesday July 6th) from Mexico City with urgency, it is 3 DVDs of 2002 footage including the Danke interview, and when I get it I will post that I have received it, post a couple of matches here, and link to my forum where all the matches will be located.

Full steam ahead for All Versus (formally Mexico vs. Panama) middle of August with Hummer!

why don’t you youtube this shit instead of just putting up videos of you just beating on mightymar

edit : nevermind. hope to see that footage soon.

Uh yeah…when I get the footage I will let you all know, all of it is going to youtube, but the majority of it will be found on my forum if you want direct links, I will post a few here videos and all in my forum.

**EDIT: **I have the tracking number for the item I received it a few days ago so I expect to receive it either this week or next week.

In addition to this here is a conversation between me and Danke I think you all will find amusing for the time being:
From Danke:**
" Danke: I am sorry not to have replied for long time.
Cuba ppl is very nice! I had big fun along marecon?street!
anyway my opinion to mexican player is this.

about 3 players of top 10players can fight (not beat) against Japanese top player if each player’s condition (stick, ABCD) is perfect or same condition.
In Japan no ranking system, if there is that, I may be over 100th, but I could win against mexican players sometimes. In Japan I can never win against top players even if they are ranked on 20th which means I can’t win even one match .
that means there is big (no t big but not small) gap between Japan and Mexico.
However I felt their very very very hot motivation to KOF 02, I am definitely sure that Mexico players will be better that us!

In this macth game of death, I really appriciate to your great help. without that, I could not have got such a good memory in my life. I will never forget it.
in addition I am sure when you guys come to Japan, I will help you to make you confortble as much as possible."

My reply:

"Oh yeah about the skill level thing, I completely understand what you are talking about, but feel it has to happen in person because many things are a mystery until they happen in person.

For example, the #1 player (arguably) in Mexico in KOFXI Kane9999, I can never defeat him in a tournament, however, the #1 player in the USA Mr. KOF (I am #2) I have put him in Losers Bracket/defeated him in a tournament…

So based off that you would think if Kane9999 and Mr. KOF fought in a tournament, Kane9999 would defeat him right?

Here is what happened when the two met:
Kane9999 put Mr. KOF in Losers Bracket 3-0, then Mr. KOF came back and defeated Kane9999 to win the tournament!!

No one saw it coming believe you me it was the biggest shock of the tournament but this is why you gotta make the stuff happen stuff like this!!!

Uguishi, Cap or M’ vs. Kula a scenario like this could happen!!!

What do you think my friend?"

His final reply:
“sorry for late reply, my opinion is the same sa yours.
some ppl are good at except for tournament, others are opposite.
some caracters like iori can cause some big happening, we call it car crash lol.
in tournament high risk action may cause good result.
I have written something like report about the situation of Mexico KOF and gave to DUNE. He showed my report in his weblog which is most read by many players in Japan.
I think many player hot interested in Mexico KOF and looking forward to playing with you guys.
If I have time, when you come to Japan, I really want to meet you guys and do my best to make you feel at home ground.”

So basically if anyone is reading/checking Dune’s blog you should see something from Danke in reference to the Game of Death tournament on it, when he links me to his post I will translate it and post it here and when I make my final Blog review of Game of Death after uploading all the videos then I will talk about this post on DUNE’s blog there.

Hope you all find this to be interesting and hold you over just a little while longer!