Game On, New North Jersey Game Store Looking for the Fighting Game Community

Hey EVeryone!

So there is a new store that just opened up in Clifton, NJ called Game On. They mostly specialize in card games, board games, and collectible games, but they want to break into hosting fighting game nights and tournaments.

I’ve been going there since they opened a few months back, and everyone’s pretty nice, and so I’m here sort of as a scout to see if there’s enough north jersey interest to warrant this becoming a routine thing. They don’t have monitors or gaming setups yet so its been BYO since they opened, but the owner is thinking about investing in lots of setups to be able to hold full scale tournaments. He just needs to know if people will come.

So this is me putting the feelers out. Are there enough people in that area who would want to do a meetup there once or twice a week?

Went here for a tournament back in July. Good turnout back then. Very close by. I’ve been waiting since then for an actual scene to start up there but I don’t think anything’s happened since. I’m totally in for this, and since it’s so close by, I’ve got quite a few friends that normally wouldn’t come out because of the place being out of the way that will come.

Including me, count anywhere from about 4 or 5 of us to come, at least occasionally.

I didn’t actually go back during the evo tournament cause I was out of state (guess why ^_^). Anyway, could you give me a bit of info on what was going down? How many setups were there? So on so forth? I’ve reached out to the guy who ran it back in the summer but haven’t gotten a reply. Just trying to get the setups together and the owner said we can have scene nights every tuesday.

Good news everyone! Fight On! nights at Game On! should be starting February 28th!

Alright! Is it gonna be every Tuesday? And if so, when to when?

That’s great! I’m down for helping support any tourney series so I can put the word out. I also have 2 Xbox 360s with marvel(one of them is hacked so we can play with every dlc costume, including the magneto outfit that will never be released for swag :P) I can bring if the tourneys are run on xboxes. I live in clifton and the scene is pretty dead as far as i know so getting to know new players and a venue is fantastic. I’ll check back for more :slight_smile:

Oh hey, I live in Clifton and I’ve been looking for a local scene. This is awesome!

I notice you guys currently run Tuesday nights at 6, which is difficult for me - I work in Tribeca and I’m usually not home until 7-8 PM. If you ever decide to host casuals on a weekend, I’d definitely be down for that.

My wife and I are trying to move within the next couple months but we might stay fairly close to the area. I’ll be sure to check it out sometime.