Game on! Thurs 2/28; Mech's house! all day all nite wut wut

handy dandy mspaint map…

NOTE: See the tree between the two driveways? If this one random traffic cone is still outside, I’ma set it right there in front of the tree. My apartments don’t have visible numbers so that’ll be a landmark. Always willing to just walk outside and wave people down though, just call.

now, to zoom in on my door, where the red star is, I want to explain this parking spot, since I can’t seem to explain it to people well enough in person

That’s facing my door, with my car on the left, my neighbor’s car on the right (not in use). I keep trying to explain that one extra spot is right there, double parked between my car and my neighbor’s. Neither of those cars need to move, and it allows for the other cars (grey ones, duh) to leave if they need to. I’m just pointing this out because last gathering was pretty popular and we ran out of traditional parking spots pretty much. I think you can squeeze 3 people per side but you gotta make sure to park close to edges of stuff. :lol:



exit 179 (don’t quote me on that number) - 220th/Mountlake Terrace exit.

  • head down the hill (west, if you’re directionally inclined)

  • get in the right hand lane, and stay in it. just stay in this lane until it forces you to turn right, which is on 76th. (You do cross over hwy99)

then call me: 425-876-5364

I’ll come out to the road to make it simple. I’ll be standing pretty much where you should park. :tup:

I’ve got one DC converter, so bring yours.

20901 76th Avenue W
Edmonds, WA 98020 

& 425 876 5364

Any Marvel or ST players gonna make the trip tonight? If so, please post.

Fuck the games, let’s just go drive up and down Aurora.

@Keith: Julien called but I don’t remember a specific time, dunno if he’d be here as late as you planned on showin’.

Yeah, let’s finish our unfinished plans of running a train on a hooker.

Do I count? I’ll be there. I doubt Paul will come, as his class doesn’t get out 'til 6, and this is short notice.

Ummm, I’d come, But that might be too short of notice.

Bellingham to Edmonds + girlfriend + school the next day? Sounds fine to me.

Looking more and more like you’re gonna have to count me out for tonight. I won’t free up until lord knows when. If it’s not too late when I break from the shackles, I’ll call to see whether games are still going on. Sorry.

I wish I would’ve known sooner.