Game Play

If you want to, you can post a screen of how many times you’ve played a game on kaillera. Here’s mine:


i have too many different versions of mame to judge that accurately… since i’m not at home…

vampire savoir - +400
alpha 2 - about 200
super turbo - about 200
cyberbots - about 300

now, that’s on my most recent version, and that’s about all the games that i play… i also play at work, and i had a shit load on my old computer.

Garou - 500 even.

I better be good for playing it that much 'eh?
This isn’t exactly a full list. I had to reinstall MAME a couple times, otherwise I’d have way more games played.
Alpha 3 has a big number on there, but it’s mainly just me messing around with my one friend.

Since August 2004, when I got this computer:

(3rd most played game would be Taisen Tokkae-dama from Mame 90 w/ 85 plays)

…and over 2 Gigs of replays…I gotta start deleting the uncompressed versions.

I’ve got a ton of mame versions but they’re for specific games usually.