Game Room


Hi everyone!,

this is my first post here although I have been visiting SRK for a long time (specially the Tech Talk forum). As introduction let me show you my game room. This is my small piece of akihabara at the attic of my home. In fact, I have developed a small web page to show the details:

As you can see, the gameroom blends arcade cabinets, console games and even PC games. Overall, most games are connected to the arcade flavour such as shump, fighting and Beat 'em up.


sick set up man. im pretty jealous, even if i had it my friends are too much of punks to come out and play


Thank you for showing your game room with us. The room looks great.

I see in the back, your 16 bit consoles, I assume it’s a European SNES and not the US Super Nintendo from it’s shape and that you called your Sega console the Mega Drive not the Genesis.
It is neat that you got two identical Sony BVM monitors for your 16 bit wars area of the game room. So I am assuming you got RGB video output for both consoles?


Your Egret. Give it to me.

Edit: Also, can we get some shots of the posters in there and where you got them? I need some new decor for my room.


not using legit taito chairs :expressionless:

just kidding, great stuff.


Oh my bank account.


Nowadays people is not eager to come out and play, but it is hard to tell “no” to 4 player arcade action like sunset riders, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Dungeons & Dragons…

You are right, they are european consoles (region modded since PAL has several limitations) and both of them output RGB.

I understand an Egret 2 with the ultra rare 1L6B is something desirable for shmup fans, but a Vewlix should be more sexier to fighting games fans. At least, current gen fighting games fans.

About the posters, this is the picture I have:

IMO they look great, so a nice option to decor your room. To get them check yahoo, ebay, and forums. I don’t remember where I specifically bought them.

I have considered Taito Stools. The leather ones are great and they look fantastic, but I also like my acrylic stools :slight_smile:


Nice clean game room!


saw you share this elsewhere, nice stuff man! you really made the best use of a space most arcade cab enthusiasts and game collectors would sneeze at.

I have an egret 29 and Namco HD Noir in my game room (and a Neo Geo mvs stand up and Blast City in the garage), but I just dont have the motivation to really build a dream room…since I rent. ;/


Awesome setup. Now on the opposite extreme, ppl are still playing with pads and refuse buying a ps4 stick. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous set up. Very clean and organized. Very spacious as well.


Awesome set up! Nice and clean.


There should be a Game Room thread here (unless we could use the “post your SF entertainment setup” one)

BTW BEAUTIFUL Game Room, I saw it long time ago at arcade controls forums.



Very nice first post. Welcome to SRK (officially).


i can see the time you put in to make everything fit properly. love the shelves in between the cabs. great job man!


Agree with @jonyfraze , those shelves pull the whole thing together. Awesome work!


Wow arcadestg, your game room looks better and better every time I see an updated photo of it.


Can you guys/gals top this guy’s game room in his basement!!!


Man, someone’s loaded and probably around 45.


I remember that one.

For all the cabs he has, there’s only one I’d consider owning.

Check this collection out: