Game Runs Too Fast

I have… acquired a copy of Mega Man X5 for the PC, and it runs… well, WAY too fast.

Google was not being my friend, and the Capcom information didn’t work, so does anyone here know what I can do to fix this? Or is the game useless on anything better than Windows 98?

You might want to give a PC throttle program a shot

I’ve used these types of programs with some success. It has to do with how the game was originally programmed. Most games will contain some sort of internal control to compensate for more powerful PC’s, but some don’t. I know that’s a rather rudimentary way of explaining it, but it’s been way too long since i researched it so the technicalities are sort of lost on me.

I’ve looked into those as well. Only problem is I’ve had to throttle all the way down to 5% for any kind of somewhat playable speed, and even then, it gets choppy.

I think the biggest thing is that they don’t have a really granular slider. You get 94%, which runs too fast, or 95%, and it starts trying to frameskip. Nothing inbetween.

I had a similar problem with Ragnorok Battle Offline and it had to do with my dual-core processor.

If you’re using a dual-core processsor, hit alt+ctrl+del (for XP anyway) and right click the game in the task manager, then click set affinity and de-select processor 0. After doing that RBO ran smooth as silk. There’s also a dual core optimizer patch for AMD Athlon 64 processors found here:,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

Give dosbox a try, it might do the trick if the game is old enough.