Game Shark 2 for 1 deal

So I jumped on that black friday 2 for 1 TE stick deal. I have yet to receive my sticks or work from gameshark… They haven’t returned my email and I can’t seem to reach them by phone. Anyone else have trouble with these guys?

I ordered on Saturday and haven’t gotten any confirmation e-mails or anything. On my account on their website it still says “In Progress - Order has been processed and awaiting shipping.” I think another friend ordered 3-7 days before me and just got them, so I dunno.

I think I read in another post that Markman said Madcatz shipping was closed for a week around Thanksgiving. I ordered a stick the Sunday before Thanksgiving Nov. 24. Received shipping notification Wednesday Dec. 1 and my stick arrived Friday Dec. 3. Just give them time, I’m sure they’re backed up from the holidays and all the orders due to their great deals going on.

I got my email today, it’ll be here tomorrow

my sticks just arrived

I ordered my two TE sticks using the NECXI promo code and got an email today saying that the sticks shipped out yesterday. I’ll post here when they arrive.

i ordered mine day before they stopped doing the deal that didnt require the code and both my sticks have already arrived

I ordered two during the NECXI promo on 12/3 and they shipped 12/7 fedex has them coming in 12/13. So I dunno why you guys are having problems.

Lalz, I got them today!

they’re a good company. it should be there soon.

I did the 2for1 on thanksgiving day. The order still says ‘In progress’. I also emailed them but they have replied yet either.

Just got a package but it only contained 1 PS3 stick and no 360 stick… calling them now, but it’s weird that I wouldn’t get them both at the same time, even if it did have to be in separate boxes.

edit: Just called, I guess the 360 sticks’ shipments were delayed so they aren’t all coming together at once.

Order my the last day the coupon code were still active. Order one ps3 and one xbox round 2, a bezel and other stuff. Got a email saying my packet was coming, came in two day ago, was only the bezel. Wondering where my other 3 things at. Email them but havn’t gotten a reply yet