Game Stop and the unethics of this stick I bought

So I buy a “new” SF4 madcats fightstick from gamestop (mistake). They say its on sale for 49.99. The box is pretty beat up but I take a look at the stick inside and it looks ok. I get it home and find out that the factory seal on the body of the stick has been broken. I call them up and ask if they just sold me a used or refurbished stick claiming that its new and they only say, “if you bring it back, we can give you your money back.” And I’m like, “yeah but I’m afraid you’re just going to repackage it and sell it to someone else as new.”. And they said something like, “whatever we do in the store is our business.”

WTF? This is totally unethical. Only at gamestop would they assume its ok to take a used item and sell it as new. I wouldn’t be so mad if the sticker said “used” on it. I would have still bought it (assuming it was a used price). I refuse to believe business ethics like this can go by totally unchecked.

Game Stop is known for doing this kind of stuff. I stopped buying from them even before I opened my site. There is a local record shop that carries games in my town so I tried to direct my gaming purchases at them instead. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about their selling used items as new policy, but it seems like false advertising to me.

return that shit and buy 1 new from amazon for that price or from gameshark they having a sale look here

its 45 on amazon with free shipping for 360 , 40 free shipping for ps3

Word. I just might do that. Thanks for the advice and links. Off to lamestop to return this shit.

there are laws against that shit, you could document it and sue their ass, or just threaten to sue to attempt to get a settlement offer out of them lol

Don’t bother with gamestop

lesson learned

Sadly GameStop has a long history of doing shit like this. Avoid like the plague and spread the word…thats all you can do at this point.

When something like this happens, it’s usually because some employee who wasn’t doing his/her job right took a return on an opened, new item that was not defective. Gamestop doesn’t do returns on anything sold as a new product unless it was defective before it was opened. When some retard employee accepts a return on something like an arcade stick the store is stuck with a product that they can’t ship back to the warehouse or sell as used, unless the manager feels like getting bitched at by his district manager.

Cut them some slack. They’re not out to get you, they just need to let their employees know what their own policy is.

you could also file a BBB report, they are surprisingly effective at getting action out of corporations.

Or that :stuck_out_tongue:
Such a shame. I do remember the days when GameStop was a good place to go to…however brief that period was

gamestop was never good

even funcoland sucked

and eb games before the merger

Stores like Walmart and Best Buy do this with returns too.

this is very true, ive gotten refurbished 360s from them that they were selling as new.

The gamestop by me is actually really good, i grew up with most of the employees, and i think this is more of a regional thing then anything.

Bottom line dont trust fucking anyone.

Fuck gamestop…I remember being so hyped for contra shattered soldier back in the day…took me a while to save up so bought the game a few months after release. I tell him i want contra new, the fuck tard gets a disc out of a sleeve and puts it in a box and smiles and tells me my total. I told him that game is not new, the seal is broken, if I buy a game and break the seal it does not matter if its been played or not, it is used once the seal is broken. He told me the game is new never been played and take it or leave it. I’ve hated gamestop since my early teens, now I despise them.

don’t go getting your pitchfork just yet on this, a lot of gamestop locations have SERIOUS loss-prevention problems (ie. MASSIVE amounts of theft) i have a friend who works as a manager of a location, and on a fair amount of titles that get stolen off the shelves a lot (new releases are generally kept behind the counter) they try to lower losses by just removing the game. like it or not it’s just to protect their interests, and in the long run it helps out their honest customers when they do effective loss-prevention because those costs inevitably get passed to consumers.

just to show an example of how bad the theft is at some locations, the original store my friend managed got help up at gunpoint on release day of the… wii? or ps3, i can’t remember now but some dude literally commited armed robbery to walk away with all the consoles that shipped to the branch.

Part Two

So I go back in and return the shit. The lady working says that they checked the other fightsticks and they too had broken seals. Shes like “I think its that way with all of them”. So some silence passes as shes doing my return and then I say, “so you guys aren’t going to just put this back up on the shelf right?”. Shes like, “Yeah we will just defect this one out.” More silence passes and then I say, “So… all of the other ones you checked also had a broken factory seal?” And she starts to see how ridiculous it is that the one I’m returning is going to be defected out, yet all the ones on the self with the EXACT same issue, will be staying there with a big fat “NEW” sticker on it. She starts to stumble over herself and is like “yeah… umm… yeah… its hard to explain…”.

So I get my money and walk out. I walk back in 10min later and the fucking stick is right back up there on the shelf, “new”.

So amazingly shady. I filed with the BBB and contacted the regional manager for GS. I’ll keep you guys posted.

At the gamestop near me these games put in sleeves behind the counter are allowed to be taken home by gamestop employees, and they will play the game and bring it back when they’re done. While loss prevention is good, this is a very shady tactic because that game that has been taken by an employee, played, and who knows what else it has gone through, is now being sold as “new” not as “used” or even some “floor model” version. What’s depressing is even if the game is shrink wrapped you don’t know that it hasn’t been through the same because all the gamestops near me have a shrink wrap machine in the back room. I happen to like and know some people who work at my local gamestop, but I know these tactics aren’t just done at that one store, and I am always hesitant when purchasing anything from them.

Isn’t SRK supposed to be mostly hardcore gamers? Shouldn’t a hardcore gamer know better than to shop at Gamestop? You guys know that Gamestop takes used and open games, shrink-wraps them, and the sells them as new? And that they try to pass off used hardware as new?

NewEgg, Amazon, even BestBuy are better alternatives.

good point, my friend has taken advantage of this on a number of occasions.

In case you didn’t know 90% of all theft is internal