Game that lost its "golden age" and you miss those times


Decided to create this thread while I was minding my own business, thinking games that were godlike back in days. They might be still extremely fun and amazing games but they are lacking that little of something that made extra effort back in days, many many years ago.

Personally my top moments are about FPS games, since I used to play those a lot back in times, when it felt FPS games actually tried to innovate.

  1. 2009-2012 Team Fortress 2. pretty much the best online FPS that has been ever created in my opinion. I played only on one specific server because of marvelous players on the server. Majority of players used VoIP in order to communicate, crazy matches were battled and there were tons of unforgettable moments when whole team sung alongside one player who started the stong. Those players unfortunately have lessened or stopped playing TF2 nowadays. Even though TF2 is still just unique, fun and creative as hell, its golden age is over.

  2. Battlefield 2. The best Battlefield in the series hands down. Innovative, revolutionary and tons of fun to play. Got my friends’ squad rolling back in 2006-2010. Tons of fun and no other large scale FPS has come close. Battlefield 3 was the biggest disappointment in my life, in terms of gaming.

  3. Borderlands 2. In 2012 when it was released, right after work me and my friend got next day off. We rushed to buy our copies of Borderlands 2 and played it for hours. Overall playtime is already at 600 hours but those first hours were the best, even though game itself is always excellent.

  4. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The game that back in 2003 introduced me to PC gaming. Still amazing shooter that have teamwork, the best objective based gamemode ever made, great class variety and overall so fun experience. Today filled with cheaters and terrible mods.
    question is;

What are those games that you miss playing and that lost their so called Golden Age?


Talks about back in the day in 2009. Confirmed high school senior still beating his meat to samus picks on /v.


Every game unlisted came out recently lol

I played Evo Search For Eden on SNES a few months ago. Used to be my number one favourite game. Best the shit out of it in like three hours, upgraded myself to a beast over and over.

Such a letdown.

At least FF4, FF6, and Chrono Trigger still hold up.


Lol this thread, dude I got Suikoden 2 installed on the PS3 I still mess with from time to time, that was golden age. Shit I got SRKers on steam that still play those titles you mentioned regularly. Meh I will give you BF2 though, that was the game that truly opened up epic FPS multiplayer action and was only truly outdone by Bad Company 2.




I miss Q*Bert on my Atari 5200, because the busted cartridge never fucking worked.


Q-bert was one of those games I never got around to playing but always wanted to try.


@Exodus. did you ever try Dust 514 on PS3? A lot (if not all lol) MAG players went to that game after MAG got shut down.


Neither did I my friend, shit literally never worked. Probably why I remember it best out of all the games I had, other than pinching my hand on the track ball playing Centipede.


Everybody seems to miss the point of this thread.

You hit the nail on the head with TF2, but I think for a different era. I loved TF2 from beta until that Horde mode came out and then I realized just how much of the balance that was amazing in the initial release had been thrown aside with the new items. The game just isn’t the same anymore.


Nah, we’re actually just assholes.


Prepare to roll your eyes
Mega Man**
Commence rolling of eyes*


missile command for atari 2600, good times. Nes had a lot of good rpgs and platformers, like metal storm.



Star Wars Galaxies. That game pulls on my heart strings almost daily


How you gonna talk about games back in the day, when you’ve only named one game that’s over 10yrs old. But with that said I’d say I miss

The Tony Hawk proskater series: Who knew a skateboarding game could be so addicting. Like it was so satisfying to land tricks, and grind on rails and what not. But then things got silly with the THUG series, then went to hell with ride. Hopefully the announce Proskater 5 will return to basics.

Sonic The Hedgehog series: This hurts the most. Because IMO the Sonic series is the BIGGEST, MOST GREATEST!!! Waste of potential in gaming history. What was once a epic unique innovative take on the platfroming genre that rivaled Mario games, has for the longest time now been reduced to a cheap. gimmicky soulless cash cow where the devs seem to make what they think sells now’n’days, as oppose to just sticking to a formula that works and improving on it, and innovating when NECESSARY! I don’t normally watch Jimquisition, but he’s right on the money with this vid about the Sonic series IMO.

StarFox series: The original StarFox was innovative and set the stage for Star Fox 64 which was the shit! And it looked like it was going to be Nintendo’s next great IP. that is until instead of making an actual new game in the Starfox series for the Gamecube, Nintendo decided to fuck two birds with one big dick move. They fuck over Rare by basically saying "Fuck Dinosaur planet, put some Starfox in that bitch, and fuck over the Starfox series by putting the characters in a game that plays NOTHING like the previous entry. Everyone loved StarFox 64, it was a huge hit. Why would you not build off that formula and improve upon it while adding a few new things? Why would you do a complete genre change like that!? Series managed to bounce back a bit with StarFox Assault, ground missions in the tank where a bitch, but the on foot sections while, they had some issues where pretty fun and just needed some tweaks so it wouldn’t feel generic. and the levels where you could freely switch between Arwing and on foot were really cool. But then what lil momentum that produced was brought to a screeching halt with StarFox Command…Hopefully Starfox Zero brings the series back to its former glory.


Sorry I dont see myself saying any game from the 2000’s is the golden age. Damn kids nowadays, havent even touched a atari 2600 or a nes in their life.




Agreed No youngster who has only been gaming since mid 2000’s should be talking about back in the day.


Skate literally did everything better than Tony Hawk ever could, I suggest you go play that series.