Game That Meets This Criteria?


hiya! i was hoping to find a fighting game that meets some criteria. if you know of any game that meets this criteria, please reply :slight_smile: even if it doesent meet ALL criteria. any answer is better than no answer.

Uses an arcade stick
has a decently sized focus on arial combat
light physics
life bar based
fight with 1 character rather than teams
long combos
combos hard to pull off
has lots of character variety
fast paced
doesent feel "heavy"

thank you very much for listening. i would very much appreciate any response even if it only meets some criteria. thx! :smiley:


I’m no expert on the game, but it sounds like you want to play something like Arcana Heart.

Hope you like Moe girls.


I would say something like Melty Blood or UNIEL. I haven’t played UNIEL so I don’t know about the “heavy” qualifier, but these games should suit you.


lol ill look into it XD thx


sounds good :slight_smile: ill research both. thx


Vampire Savior (aka Darkstalkers 3) is also worth a look. It meets pretty much all of the criteria you list*. It’s a pretty old game, but a good one, and I do believe there’s still people playing it on fightcade.

  • the only exception is that combos are only as long, and as hard, as you make them yourself. The easy combos are short and very easy, the difficult ones are really difficult though.


Blazblue CPEX or Persona 4 Arena Ultimax


Hmm well if we’re talking long combos like Blazblue or Marvel, nah. But if the combos don’t need to be that crazy then yeah Vam[ire Savior should be right up his alley. Although not every character is capable of longer combos.


Most of the long combos in VSav are combo video fluff though, using all sort of glitches to extend. Competitive VSav however doesn’t really have long combos, outside of what Sako does.


There are some notable longer stylish combos in actual game. Like Felicia’s kitty helper combos, which have been performed in tournament play. Morrigan and Lilith’s Illusion combos, Lei-Lei’s Corner combos with the gong, Jedah Dark Force combos, and of course the afore mentioned Sako combos with Bulleta


You’re looking for any game ever made by Arcsys.




lol thx. any suggestions? preferably one with the biggest comunity?


Guilty Gear XRD


Blazblue. I new one just came out recently.


Battle Fantasia begs to differ.


thx :smiley:


looks cool. thx :smiley: ill look into all of these.