Game Tutorial Posters for NWM/Tournaments


I have been planning to make game posters to display at tournaments for awhile and I figured I should probably start.

They are going to be large scrolls for players or spectators who come to the tournament but may not know anything about one or all of the games being played. They would be about this size ( and the idea is to explain things that are unique to each game so no one is left wonder why the ?joystick pops up? in VF5, or why 6 characters just switched places in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. It?s a real brief beginner?s guide for quick reference so every one has the same chance to watch finals and enjoy them on some level, or learn something about a different game. They would also be nice room decoration.

I want to hear what you guys think should be on the posters and how you think different things should be worded. I am going to start writing down what I think is important, but there are a lot of games I don?t know much about (or anything), so I would really like your input.

The games I would like to make them for are-

3rd Strike
Super Smash Bros. (Possibly merge one for Melee and Brawl)

Even if they aren’t going to be at NWM, it could still really help to have them made.

This is how I have been seeing it.

They will start out with the very, very basics about a game, from its button layout and a brief explanation of it’s system. After each explanation, their will be a picture illustrating it. If we can establish a template for making them, then all we would need to do is fill in the information and find screenshots for each game.

Example: CVS2

The farther you go down, the deeper the explanations go. Explaining things like Bison A groove combos and ROM infinite could also be important to helping people understand high level play, but the importance of those sorts of things can be discussed once all the basics are laid out, and if there is room for it to fit. Points that need more than one screen shot to explain like DHCs could have a sequence of pictures next to them.

I think trying to condense the explanations down to around 7-9 points depending on each game would do well, and wouldn?t be to busy. I?d really like to hear everyone’s input, since once these are finished, we could use them at our tournament and put them online for other to print out if they wanted.

Here?s one for Super Turbo. I think this is the best chance to explain things like Normals and Specials, so we could leave them off of other posters. This is just a rough draft. The goal should always be to explain things better with fewer words.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: High Definition Remix

-Put in quotes for organization-

If anyone wants to add anything to or start producing a list for a different game, please go ahead. I would like these to be on there way to getting done by sometime in May hopefully. My graphic designer girlfriend says it would be idiotic to try and make them in Photoshop (something about vectors) so I need to start learning Illustrator. Once I get a template built though, we can just plug information and pics in for each game.

So please post up with ideas!


I suppose I could do the Tekken one or something, since I’m going to go batshit crazy on it once 6BR comes to consoles.

We’re just doing 5DR this year right? Since 6 probably won’t be out by then.


That would be awesome. I know nothing about Tekken, GG:AC, VF5, or competitive SSB. I know a bit about CVS2 and 3S but not enough to write what’s important in small tidbits.
Someone else should probably handle SF4. I am thinking Mickey D, Cole, or Deezo we be best (If anyone of you wanted to). I think I know enough to write some basic system mechanics.

Focus Attack- Blurb + Absorb Hit + FAC

  • Level 1- Blurb
  • Level 2- Blurb + crumple
  • Level 3- Blurb + crumple + unblockable

EX Moves- Blurb stolen from 3S poster




Brent I’m having a terrible case of Deja Vu right now. Tell me you posted something up like this a few months ago, because i clearly remember posting stuff about some games.

EDIT: I just looked back at posts from the last year and cannot find this thread from before…I am seriously tripping out right now.


Your not crazy. I think I mentioned it in another thread, but didn’t create one about it.

Feel free to take that deja vu as a sign that you are destined to work with me on this though. That would be great.


He did mention something about poster like that. I remember he was talking about it when a bunch of us were at the hub, and he was talking about ways to get high quality screenshots.


thank you for proving that i’m not as crazy as i thought I was.

what do you want me to cover Brent?

Also is anyone working on a logo for this year’s NWM? And are we sticking to Northwest Major or will we try to have some chic name for the tournament?


Chic name would be good. I can’t think of anything myself without it seeming hella cheesy. I like Northwest Majors for how straight forward it is, but I think thats just me not feeling creative.

If you could put down what you feel are the most important basics about VF5 that would be great. It just needs to be enough for someone who has never seen the game to read, and understand what they are seeing in a tournament match (on the surface).

No logo yet except for a slight altered one from last year.


I swear we did have a thread for this before. I posted some pictures last time too showing the Santhrax DHC of doom.


Cracks Knuckles

Virtua Fighter 5

Matches: 3 out of 5 rounds

How to win a round: Either through a K.O. (depleting your opponents life bar) Or Ring Out (Forcing your opponent outside the ring)

                                                                Up = 8

Controller layout: Joystick (1p side): Left 456 Right
Down = 2
3 Buttons: Guard (G) Punch § Kick (K)

To guard high press and hold G, this will block high and mid attacks, but you are vunerable to low attacks.

To guard low: 2(G) or press the joystick down and press and hold G, this will allow you to block low attacks, and avoid high attacks alltogether, but you are vunerable to mid attacks.

Dash/Back Dash:

Press 66 or 44 to quickly dash towards your opponent or away from your opponent. You can use the back dash to escape the range of your opponents attack and quickly use that towards your advantage. To run, tap 66 and hold.

Crouching Dash/Crouching Back Dash:

33 or 323 and 11 or 121:

use this to advance towards or away from an opponent while avoiding high attacks, although you will be vunerable to mid attacks and low attacks.

Jump 8P or K
The character will perform a short hop.

ARM (All Range Movement:
Press and hold any direction (to move towards the screen you have to tap 2 then tap and 2 a second time)
This allows you to move freely around the ring besides forwards or backwards, it’s a great way to get away from the edge of the ring or wall

Throw: P+G
When in close against your opponent you will grab them and perfom a damaging attack that usually leaves your opponent grounded. There are many different grabs per character that can be performed by pressing different controller combinations and P+G (EX: Eileen has P+G, 33P+G, 64 P+K and 63214 P+G)

Throw escapes:
P+G as soon as a throw happens to correctly escape a throw you must put in the last input of your opponents grab and press P+G in the “break window” (you have 8 frames to break a grab, the game runs at 60 frames per second, so as you can see the window to perform a throw escape is very small HOWEVER, Virtua Fighter 5 allows you to enter multiple throw escapes in the 8 frames, so in high level play expect players to perform 2-4 different grab breaks in the alloted time to break a grab)

EX: If your opponent grabs you with P+G the correct break for this grab is P+G
If your opponent grabs you with 63214 P+G you must input 4 P+G to correctly break the grab [4 was the last input for the grab so the correct break is 4 P+G]

If your opponent grabs you with 33 P+G and you input the throw escapes P+G, 3P+G and 4P+G you will have escaped the grab because you had put in the last input your opponent put in.

If your opponent grabs you P+G and you break with 2P+G, 6P+G, 3P+G, and 4P+G you would still be grabbed because you didn’t put in the correct break (since no direction was pressed with P+G the correct break would just be P+G w/o a direction input)

Being able to break grabs and use grabs are a key element in high level play for Virtua Fighter.

Down Attack:
8P while your opponent is down
your character will jump up and perform a follow up attack on a downed opponent, these can deal some extra damage, but if your opponent does a Quick Recovery, you’ll be open for a counter attack.

Quick Recovery:
P+K+G and as soon as you hit the ground.

If you are knocked down, if you press P+K+G as soon as you hit the ground you will quickly get up and back to your feet, you can use this to get away from Down Attacks and to soften the damage from certain characters throws, like Wolf’s Giant Swing. If you press 2, 4, 6 or 8 while pressing all three buttons your character will get up and roll forward, backwards, towards or away from the screen depending on which direction you pressed.

Getting up:
P or G while on the ground
when your character is knocked down, you can press P or G to get your character back to their feet faster, again you can press 2, 4, 6, or 8 to get up in a certain direction based on what input you pressed.

Rising attack:
K or 2K while getting up

As your character is getting up from a knockdown, they will perform either a mid kick or a low attack.

Defensive Move:
quickly tap 8 or 2:
You can dodge an attack by moving to your characters left or right, use this to make your opponent whiff an attack allowing you to gain the advantage and go on the offensive.

Offensive Move
quickly tap 8 or 2 then preas P+K+G
Move quickly towards the left or right of your character, making it easier to get behind your opponent.

Certain characters have moves that can turn their opponent’s attacks them EX:Aoi, and Akira

Deflect the opponent’s attack. If you deflect successfully, the opponent will stagger (see below) giving you a chance to attack. EX: Eileen’s 46K attack

Charge Attack:
hold down the last button pressed to make a strong charge move, this only applies to a few moves for a few characters.

Some attacks will make the opponent stagger (if you are hit with a stagger a joystick will show up on your side of the screen) this gives the opposing player an opening to attack. to escape a stager quickly move the joystick from the left to the right to recover. Some staggers are very short while some are very long.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for VF just to let you know. There is a ton more stuff that would have to be explained, like nitaku and knowing when you are at advantage or disadvantage…



VF is dead as shit, don’t get my hopes up.

This is Mike btw.


I just did what Brent asked, but you know Eileen will BEAST on that El Blaze ANYDAY :lol:


It wasn’t directed at you in spite.

Actually i think I was bummed at it being mentioned.


DAMN FRANK! That is amazing. I never realized how deep that game is. That is a ton of info. If there is a lot more, you don’t have to go indepth on it, but definitely include anything you think its important game engine wise

The purpose isn’t to actually teach people how to play the game, but just explain it to them in the most general sense. If you only had 1 minute to explain THE most important aspects of the game to someone who had never watched a VF5 match before, what would they be, and what kind of questions do you think they would have? Like someone watching 3rd Strike doesn’t need to know how to Renda Cancel into super, but they may wonder why the screen flashed and froze, and why the meter at the bottom flashes blue sometimes.

If you had to condense the most important parts of the fighting engine to 8 points, and describe them in less than 20 words, what would they be?


It’s kinda hard for VF5 because like every little thing plays an important part to the game, nothing can really be overlooked.