Game Tweaks

With the PSN version coming very soon, I realise I know very little about the new release. Are there any tweaks coming? Infinite combos fixed (they’re only fun for a while) etc.? Or is it a straight port with online added?

This thread was a bad idea. All this stuff has been stated a couple hundred times in the general thread. It’s a straight port of the Dreamcast version with new netcode (even the online system looks to be the same from what I understand, which is why there’s no switching orders, etc.)

Any bug fixes will be back ported to the 360 as well. Otherwise nothing has been change as far as anyone has been able to determine.

Sorry, I kept reading so many different things in an assortment of forums, and across the rest of the net. I wanted definitive. Thank you for that.

:rofl::rofl: You’re playing the wrong game.