Game Underground Super Street Fighter 4 Weekly Gatherings/Tournaments (Somerville,MA)


I will be Hosting Super Street Fighter 4 & Tekken 6 Weekly Tournaments every Sundays & Super Street Fighter 4 Gathering every Wednesday.

There are other Weekly Gatherings/Tournaments for other games going on Monday-Sunday. Check out the Game Underground Forums for more info:

If I recorded any videos of gamplay or of Game Underground at any of the tournaments/gathering I will be posting them here:

Super Street Fighter 4 Gatherings are on every Wednesday

Game Underground
1123 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144


Venue Fee: $5

Console: Xbox 360

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Bring your own Arcade Sticks & Controllers

Super Street Fighter 4 & Tekken 6 Tournaments are on every Sunday

Game Underground
1123 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

Sign up 12pm-10pm

Console: Xbox 360

Game: Super Street Fighter 4

Bring your own Arcade Sticks & Controllers

Venue Fee: $5

1st Place: 60% of pot
2nd Place: 30% of pot
3rd Place: 10% of pot

(If there is less then 8 people/teams in a tournament winner takes all.)

Super Street Fighter 4 1v1: $5
-Double Elimination
-Matches will be 2 out of 3. Winner, Loser Finales & Grand Finals are 3 out of 5.
-Rounds 2 out of 3

Super Street Fighter 4 2v2: $10
-Double Elimination
-Rounds 2 out of 3
-No Double Characters.
-Matches will be played Waseda Style.

Tekken 6 1v1 Tournament: $5
-Double Elimination
-Matches will be 2 out of 3. Winner, Loser Finales & Grand Finals are 3 out of 5.
-Rounds 3 out of 5

Im going to need Tekken 6 copys for xbox 360 because the store only has 1 copys for xbox 360. Also if your going to bring a set up let me know


just a heads up, next time, you should run singles first. a lot of people dropped from the singles tourney last time because you ran it last, and they had to be somewhere. if you run it first, you’ll get the max amount of people to enter.


I’m going to try to head there after work Wednesday! I’ll be the overly dressed fellow because I know I’m going to forget to bring a change of clothes…


Yea man I agree I should do it early but I don’t want to do it first. I’ll do Random Select first so it give people time to get to Game Underground if there late. What you think about running it second?

Yo Weak SauC3 you coming to the Gatherings?

Its cool man.

I was thinking of doing the Gathering earlyer like 11am or 12pm to 10pm. What do people think?


dude, random select is fun and all… as an afterthought to a regular tournament. it sucks to have to wait around forever to play with a character you trained with, only to not play because of work or something. last tournament it was like, wast 1:30 on random select tournament, take a long ass food break, teams, etc. teams or singles first would be best.

best 3/5 is weak stuff too


ok cool I agree I will change things up now. I will do either 1v1 or team first.


Check out the new web site I made for the Weekly Tournaments/Gatherings:


Matches will be recorded & there might be a Live Stream for both the Gatherings & Tournaments. Still trying to figure out how to stream.


Most likely going tomorrow night


Nice man

Hey Inthul said he is going to bring 2 setups & recording equipment so it should be great.


I’ll probably be there around 6 or so. Are there any good parking places around there? I will be coming from outside of somerville and I don’t have a resident sticker.

edit: Also, do you have to pay even if you aren’t going to play?


Awesome this is like 5 miles from my work.


Well when I go there I always see parking & i dont think for the last event any one had a hard time finding a parking spot.

Why wouldent you want to play?

Well if you just want to come by & watch I wont charge you but just a heads up half of the money for this gathering will be for food & drinks.


I’m going to play. A friend of mine was asking me about it because I think he just wants to stop by and see whats up.


Today was a good day 15 people came out to game. I hope we can continue growing in Somerville.

Dam you Craig aka Gridman I’m still thinking about that running away Seth. What can I do vs. that???

One of diz days when I get a little better & my execution is down I’m going to money match Lucky D. Not saying I can beat him but I think it’s going to be a good match… I hope


That’s a good turn out, man. I hoping it gets big and helps the scene here in the Boston area. I’m going to try to make that tournament this Sunday.


Man i got a parking ticket last night.
first of all there are no good parking place, and the only place I found, which is quite a walk, turned out to be permit parking only… WTH…
waste $55 for two hours of gaming …

Edit: Add another $8 for tolls, $60+ for a 2 hours of gaming … this is more expensive than a ticket to EVO


Yo I got a few matches recorded lucky D vs Gridman, Weak Sauc3 vs Vile I will post them Friday. I want to see where Inthul is going to post the money match he had vs Weak Sauc3


Lycon - on the street i parked on there are two meters infront of where I parked. You can try and snag those, theyre free after 6. Somerville is a lot of permit parking though, you MIGHT be able to park on that main street that GU is on. Thats broadway, i’m not sure about that but check out the signs. Any residential street is almost always permit parking. Where are you coming from where is $8 for tolls and how much was the ticket? Theyre usually $40. I think Lucky D parked on broadway last night, dunno if he got a ticket but they looked happy as I drove by em so I’m guessing no.


HAHA yea it was a fun turn out! Ill call you tomorrow Jarim sorry work :frowning:
but yea id do a friendly MM :smiley:

Fight night tomorrow in Framingham GU sorry ive been slacking on posting, SC2 is worse then crack…