Game Unicon: Live Stream RIGHT NOW!

Hey guys, Seb ( and Nick ( are streaming the SF4 SINGLES tournament from Game Unicon!

We’re featuring players like Justin Wong, Andre, Flash Metroid, Marn, Yipes, Sanford Kelly, and more!

SF4 singles tournament should be starting at 3PM EST today.

the video quallity is horrible.

Yeah I’m not gonna wreck my eyes watching that.

where is this being held?

Quality is bad but I’m appreciative. I don’t knwo about you guys but I can cleatrly see whats going on in the matches.

lol quality aint that bad… too bad i gotta hit the bed soon or i’ll die :rofl:


HD quality as usual.

go Sanford, beat them all with Cammy

Just watched Marn vs Yipes on this thing. I know Marn’s viper was pretty good before, but it seems like he leveled up after going to Japan. Excited to see what FlashMetroid has in store now.

edit: With Sabin spending 2-3 more months in Japan, just imagine how much he’ll level up when he returns.

Flash Metroid :looney:

here is a little bit better stream

the stream was great, thanks!

Where in Massachusetts was this held?


Another tournament today/Sunday. Starts at 1pm EST, probably the same URL.

Big cash prize today… people are gonna get killed.

The image quality may not be that great but its smooth. I prefer this over the evo stream.

They are at break right now before top 8. Nestor’s sagat just got taken down by a dominions guile to knock him out and bring it to top 8.

Thanks for the news. Running smoothly. :slight_smile:

i wondering what happen to all the wc players, they dont seem to have alot of tournament over there, i like to see how edma akuma progress…