Game Unicon: Live Stream RIGHT NOW!

wow, big suprise…

Hmm Sanford quit SF4. Interesting.

Until Dash.

Have they even announced that Dash is being made yet?

Thanks for the stream, was good quality. Shame about the boring finals.

Lol. Sanford quitting SFIV because of Rufus.

Sanford admitted he was a “little upset” by the loss…

And decided to quit SF4 =P

Why didn’t he just pick Ryu? I mean he was maining him yesterday and according to Justin Wong it is a 7-3 match up in Ryu’s favor.

Yea, so Sanford saying he was going to quit SF4 because of that one loss was a little immature IMO. He should have picked Cammy :frowning:

wow did he really say that?
and wtf why didnt he use ryu thats such a good matchup for him.

Anyone have a link where I can watch this on replay?

Yea Rufus is obviously a great character, but he’s no reason to quit the game.

I’m pretty sure Japan wasn’t bitching about Justin or Marn’s Rufus when they went to Japan.

This is one of the main reasons why counter picking hurts people just as much if not more than it helps people. Instead of learning your character fully, you don’t go the extra mile for hard matches. Then you switch, still lose the counter pick, and bitch.

Much respects to a player like Flash Metroid who goes with Viper all the way. He took out a good amount of Hondas and did pretty well vs Bison, too. That’s how you get better.

I missed it because I was out with friends today. Can anyone give me a top 3 for this tourney. Oh and hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for the recorded stream. I’d love to see the matches and stuff.

Top 8 would be better. =D

Saturday top 3 was:

Sunday top 3 was:
3-Jevon(I think?)

I’d list out more, but it appears I’m having a memory lapse

Jeron, and sanford mentioned that he was gonna take a break from sf4 and play some tekken 6 BR


they said full videos would be posted at

i was rooting for Sanford, but if he wants to be a baby because he choked then i won’t miss him. man up and pick a main, dude.

many thanks to fadc and those involved for putting the stream up!

Yup, I’ve started uploading to that youtube. I have so many damn videos that it will probably take all damn week… and maybe extra time to label them all properly.

Go check em out guys!

tnx for the uploads i missed the livestream

Yea, he really did. If you watched the upload of Sanford’s Ryu against Bison he wasn’t really being aggressive at all. Actually, it didn’t really look like he knew what he was doing at all. :wonder: