Game Version Downgrades?

I was wondering if one could potentially downgrade their game (like UMvC3 for example) to take mess around with patched out glitches, bugs, etc. Is this possible on PS3? If so, please post a method. If not, I guess we don’t need this post.

I believe you can clear your save data. But you cannot play online as a result unless you patch it again.

Not saved data. There are 2 game sections. One is for game saves, and one is game data like installs and the like. The game data will be where patches and stuff are installed. Browse to the game of your choice, and delete said content.

What Xr0s-up wrote is true though, after you delete your game install or patch install, you can’t go online with the game until it’s patched again.

Not with newer games…

However, there have been a couple of Capcom game releases that have let you play with virtual dip switches to modify game play. Some of those mods include earlier versions of the games.

The Super Street Fighter II Turbo release for the Dreamcast includes a dip switch menu you can access with a specific pad input. There’s been a translation of what most of the dip switches do in English on GameFaqs for years now… and yes, the Dip Switch is all in Japanese! This particular Dreamcast release was exclusive to Japan. I think it’s the best SSF2T release for console, period. Perhaps better than the original arcade version because of the customization features and refiltered, higher-res graphics… and NO, those are the original Capcom game sprites, not redrawn animation like the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD release. They just used Dreamcast filters very well to spruce up the sprites. It’s better than what was done with the Capcom sprites in the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Marvel Super Heroes releases for XBL and PSN. The original SSF2T release 300 X 200 resolution; Dreamcast version is 640 X 480 minimum and compatible with monitors through VGA connection.

Also, the Japanese edition of the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for PS2 includes both the original Japanese releases of the Alpha series as well as the final revisions which became the American release.
The American PS2 release of the Alpha Anthology does NOT include the Japanese Zero games/pre-final versions.
You switch between game releases with specific pad inputs – there really isn’t a dip switch mode as in the case of the Dreamcast SSF2T release.

The Darkstalkers Collection (PS2 Japan-only) also has some unique mod features, too. I don’t know recall that it’s much more than access to the Shadow characters and alternate move versions of a few specific characters.

I’m not aware of any other Capcom releases being so thorough as those releases. They’re unfortunately Japanese-market only releases. You can still find them but you’ll have to e-Bay them or look for them through used game shops which there are a’plenty on-line. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $35-$40 used each… The Darkstalkers Collection has been reprinted twice – once as an individual “Greatest Hits” release and another time packed as a two-game, single disc release with Street Fighter 3: Third Strke. The original version is also available, too, used. Pick your poison and how much you want to pay for it!

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OP, just delete the game data/whatever it’s called on xbox for the game, that clears all patches and other downloads. Just unplug or otherwise disconnect your console from the net so that it doesn’t download any patches.

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They interlaced it, which makes me so very sad.

There is definitely a dip switch mode in the US version of alpha anthology.

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Thanks for info!
I’ll look at it next time I load up the PS2 port.
Hard to see how it’ll top the DC SSF2T port but it’s difficult to NOT see Capcom putting in a surprise or two.

Check around in the alpha anthology section. There are a few threads out there talking about dip switch settings for alpha 2/3 for getting them set to arcade standard.

They’re pretty extensive if I remember correctly. I think there is one in alpha 3 for disallowing crouch canceling, etc.