Game video of Nakoruru in action

While I was down at Family Fun tonight (Southern California’s major arcade spot, mind you), someone else there was also using K-Nak. In fact, he was using her as a Ratio 2, and was clearly a very good Nak user. (He also used Mai and Hibiki, made for a few interesting fights with my K-Maki-Nak-Hibiki). I had my digital camera with me at the time, so I managed to get some quick video of a couple of his fights.

Please bear the low resolution of these, since I had my small card in at the time and didn’t know how long he would be playing. They’re quite watchable at 200% size in Windows Media Player.

K-Nakoruru vs. C-Blanka #1 (3.76 MB, 160120, 0:33):
This is basically what happens to a Nakoruru player when she doesn’t get the upperhand quickly.

K-Nakoruru vs. C-Blanka #2 (3.57 MB, 160120, 0:38):
This is what happens to a Blanka player when Nak does get the upperhand quickly.

Compare those two videos for a quick do-and-don’t list of what to do against Blanka.

K-Nakoruru vs. P-Sagat (6.53 MB, 160120, 0:58):
This isn’t the best Sagat player in the world, but you can get a good idea of what to do against him.

That’s all I have. Perhaps if the person who was there at Family Fun might identify himself so we could thank you personally for the video. :slight_smile:

You need to edit your post for the link to the second video. Accidently posted the same link twice.

Match video is always welcome here and I’m looking forward to watching them. You have my thanks at least for putting in the time and effort to do something like this.

Fixed it.

Time: Spent waiting my turn to play
Effort: Pressing the shutter button a few times


which family fun center?
i havent been out playing for a while (school…) but i usually go to camelot… so where is this family fun center exactly?

Family Fun Arcade. If you haven’t been, you’ve been missing out.

I don’t think Nakoruru was doing very much at all. And Blanka does random roll behind, super.

The Nako player is pretty good with executing d.HK xx hcb supers though. He needs to teach me that technique so I can start doing crazy ass shit with Akuma.

It’s really easy to do, actually.

Input the roundhouse on the way down for the first half of the double hcb , then finish the joystick motion for the super.

Starting at a left/right and finishing at down is basically what her ground mutsube is, which means you can do this without much problem. You should be able to get this down after a few times of practice, after which you’ll see how easy it is to do.

It would look like this if you break it down:

    HK                P <- super here
    ^c.roundhouse here