GAme Works INDy

I was thinking of coming down to indy on a weekly basis for some games at Game Works.
I wanted to see if there is a daay of the week or time of day that people usually go there to playing fighting games.
I saw they have some deals thursday night and I dont work on thursdays, so
Also,… just what fighting games do they have.
I know they have SF4 and Tekken 6, that alone is enough for the trip, but if any one else has more knowledge, let me know.

Do they have SFIV there? I didn’t see it last month when I was at the Indy GW. They do have Tekken 6, though.

well I have never been there. So I quess I’m not too sure. I thought they were getting it after the SF4 tourney last monther or whatev…
I quess I’ll just call up there tomorrow and hve the attendent rattle off a list of games too me. When I do I’ll post it on here in case anyones interested.

Did you ever call? We were thinking of driving up from Evansville one weekend for the hell of it. Last time I was there was during one of the past few Gencons. The chick at the counter liked my shirt and talked to me for like 15 minutes, after which she gave me a card with 150 dollars in credit over what I bought on it.