1v1 Spring Special tournament May 16th 1pm EST

* Price: 30 credits  per player 
* Registration Starts: Thu 30 Apr 2009, 12:00 PM EDT
* Registration Ends: Fri 15 May 2009, 9:00 PM EDT

* Tournament Bracket Play Starts: Sat 16 May 2009
* Tournament Bracket Play Ends: Sat 16 May 2009
* Tournament Schedule: Saturday 1:00 PM

* Tournament Type: Single Elimination
* Tournament Size: 32 Teams

* Minimum Team Size: 1 Player(s)
* Maximum Team Size: 1 Player(s)
* Players In Match: 1 v 1

* Games Per Round: 3

Single Elimination Tournament
One day event only
Starts: Saturday Only Tournament, Start Time 1:00 PM EST


I would like to see more support for tournaments on Gamebattles from the fighting game community. SF4 needs all the support it can get now
I know it’s 30 credits ($19.99)If you buy the credits in bulk,it’s cheaper. That amount is not that bad.

We all need to show that Street Fighter has one of the best communities out there!! If we get a lot of people signing up for this tournament it will show Gamebattles that the fighting game community supports fighting games on here and more tournaments will follow. So please show your support and sign up. This is our chance to prove ourselves. There was a full 64 person bracket in the last Gamebattles SF4 tournament. I would love to see that for this one as well.

I (a huge SF fan and long time SRK member ) will be leading the tournament, if any of you have questions you want to ask me,please do :slight_smile: Feel free to PM me on here or post on here. thanks

Gamebattles has more tournaments than this,here is the basic listing of them more get added each week.