GAMEBOX Multi-Game Platform TV Video Game Console -MAME-



This is interesting IMO, anyone have tried it?



SFIIWW seems to run on turbo XD


Looks kinda cool, but can composite video even do true 720p? If it had component or hdmi I’d get it pretty quick and figure out the control scheme, but I dont know if this is worth it for just composite.


No component and VGA are the only analog source that can do 720p


Haha the site doesn’t say the 720p line anymore (if it ever did)


Composite is the devil.


None of this makes sense.
“GameBox Dual-Core 500Mhz Processor”?
There another chip maker out there I’m unaware of?

"Dual-Shock gaming controller"
Licensed by Sony? LOL

What OS would be powering this?
This whole thing smells. Sounds like a Chinese method of taking an idiot’s money at first glance.


… it has CVS?

edit: im kinda interested in getting one… wonder if it works with sticks

edit: edit: i thought this was a pretty good review of it.


The tempo on the music in all these games is jacked.


The speed of the demonstration makes Xbox Anniversary Edition 3rd Strike look like CPS-III 3rd Strike.


yeah WTF is up with the emulations ? They’re on warp speed!


Why not just spend the money from this and get a cheap laptop (which this is) and plug it into your TV?


id get it for when nieces and nephews come over and i dont want them in my room touching my crap


this uses a fucked up version of finalburn emulator

dont think its worth anyone’s money because of the sound issue alone. it plays like 2-3 times faster then its supposed. just the music(I think).


Wow only $53?

I am SUPA-Interested in this gadget. Provided its emulators are all well-made, the device is fast enough to run the majority of games, and you can freely use gamepads of your choice.



No, i was genuinely wondering. After reading up on the device however, though it is an awesome concept, its pretty damn rough around the edges sadly.

Perhaps the homebrew community can cook up some stuff for it. As it is now, like others before it(Dingoo, etc), it looks like crap out of the box.


i can live with the games set on the list being the only games available. but fake usb ports/no controller compatibility? no deal


Stick with mame/fba on the og xbox is a better alternative I think.


Those games would get old before long. No one should give this crap device their money, the makers need to step their game up first and stop half-assing things.


Damn that’s just awful…
Not as bad as the PCP Station though…:eek: