GameClucks Lynnwood SF4 tournaments - 7/1 @7pm


GC’s Street Fighter IV tournament series

Entry Fee: $5 for singles.
venue fee :$2
Format: Double Elim Bracket
Prizes: 1st - 60%, 2nd-20% 3rd-10% of entry fees
This will be played on the Xbox 360 and PS3

You can get there as early as the store opens


Next Date: July 1st
$2 venue and $5 entry
Place: GameClucks Lynnwood

Address: 18717 76th Ave W Lynnwood, WA


"If you use Wireless you MUST pull batter packs once your match is done."

Is the house really taking a 30% cut?


Lol, thats EXACTLY what I said when I was thinking about going to this…however Zach if you SEE Gameclucks, you’d understand why they would take 30%. Gameclucks is a VERY small name lan center in which resides in the small city of lynnwood…to be more specific, it resides in a even SMALLER community named “Perinville”

(Yes they DID try and have the good ole’ western feel to it)

All in al 30% to the house is pretty nasty in my opinion. Whats worst is that I used to know the community of gameclucks and the competition will be as fierce as a ranked match online. At the same time, it’d be nice to go back to the home town, take a trip down memory lane and play at the good ole gameclucks one last time…so i still might attend.


Seems like 50%-60% percent at LEAST should go to first. Less than half the pot is pretty ridiculous.


Shoot I wish the pay out was larger. But at the same time, I still want Gameclucks to be in business so I can have some where local to go for tournaments. Either way the pay out increases with the more that attend. So, spread the word, go, win, get more money lol

Gameclucks will provide the tvs, but if you guys want to play on a legit system (PS3) you will have to do as I am doing and bring a PS3 with SF4. Also, bring SF4 for 360 if you have it and bring your own controller.


Why not just meet in the parkling lot, head over to someone’s pad, play and pay.

BYOS and a house cut?

F dat noiz.


Gameclucks provides tvs, 360’s and recording equipment. I just want people to bring the PS3’s because I hate 360’s.


you hate 360’s?
i knew you would say that…


360 dpads = fail

I use analog and d pad on ps3. It’s weird I know but it’s comfortable.


Will there be bitches? Does the smash crowd bring in the emo chicks? If so I will “smash” on all of them. They will no longer cry out bitter tears of sadness, but sweet tears joy and ecstasy when I bang 'em out real proper.


I might have some peeps over the house after this to play on my cab and to play some random SF4. It would be cool to meet some of you in person (no homo)


Damn that tournament was fun as hell. GG’s to those I played, I’ll post a link to the full results when they are uploaded.


I’m pretty sure this is how the tournament ended at:

1st. Mike “Mickey D” -Ryu
2nd. Chanma -Dhalsim/Sagat
3rd. Jesse -Ryu
4th. Emmanuel “Riki-oh” -M.Bison
5th/6th. Edwin -Guile
5th/6th. Jared “jalapNo” -Blanka

The most notable matches I watched had to be the lower-bracket finals between Jesse’s Ryu and Chanma’s Dhalsim. Then I noticed quite a bit of commotion during the match between myself and Mr. T, down to the wire having to play every single round and both of us had below 15% life at the end.

Gg’s to everyone. Hopefully everyone can make it out to the next tournament on April 5th. I know I won’t be able to make a single one seeing as they are on Sundays (Sun-Thurs work schedule).

Thanks to GameClucks for hosting, it was ran well and a lot of close matches.

Riki, I will beat your Bison with my Blanka soon enough.


Mickey you giddlick!

Sounds like a fun tourney.


Lots of fun and friendly faces.

I also have to a proper thanks to everyone who showed up with fight sticks and allowed others to play on them. It was very enjoyable to play on a fight stick over a xbox controller.

Props to DT and Douggish’s crew for bringing a 360 and a PS3 with all the unlocked characters for those who wanted them.


Next on is on a sunday!!!

I might have to bring bison and his BROADS!


Mmmm… Was fun.


Why the hell did I not see this topic until today? I would’ve at least gotten third. Sheeit.

lol @ if you want to play on a legit system bring a ps3… wut

  1. PS3 controller > 360 controller FACT!

  2. Go to the next tournament next Sunday, place, then talk trash. If you do not meet these terms I’m going to have to ask you to retract that statement LOL



Going Akuma on Sunday, wee.