Gameclucks Monthlies "SSFIV - Keep It Classy 1" hosted by me ;P

I’ll be hosting monthlies(ish) at Gameclucks in Lynnwood - likely on Saturdays. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys wanted for the first date. I know that there are other things going on around this time, so I don’t want to intrude on anything.

Any ideas for the first date? There are a few that I know for sure I can’t do and that would be May 1st, 8th, and 15th. Does the 22nd sound good? Also for future events I’d like to stick to the first/second/third (whichever works for Gameclucks) Saturday (or Sunday I guess) of the month every month.

Is there a specific date that doesn’t work for that?

For the first one we’ll probably need a couple setups (meaning hard drives and game copies) but I’m hoping to end up paying for a few extras where we won’t need setups brought.

There are some things that I will be bringing to these tournaments. Multiple recording setups should be available starting on the first one as well as the most possible uploaded tournament matches from all of the events. I also would like (if you guys want) for some of you to do some commentary on the matches (that won’t necessarily be available at the first tournament but hopefully at all of the events after) because I’m not exactly a SF guru - I don’t know the community like you guys do yet!

Anyway, hopefully once we get this going it’ll just be a nice alternate place everyone can go for more tournaments and what not, as far as I know these aren’t really going to be run by GC guy Chris but I’ll just be handling it.

I’m not sure on the entry fees or venue fees just yet either, but I’ll get you some more specific numbers soon =)

So let me know what you think on dates and the like, can’t WAIT for super tonight! Hype hype hype!

See you all soon!

Now that Tournament Wars will be running earlier, I can’t recommend Saturdays. And it seems like there has been a curse on Sunday events since TW started, but give it a shot! I’ll definitely show up if I dont have to work.

It’s also POSSIBLE that I can do Friday afternoon/evenings but I’m not sure haha

Sundays are really it. Friday mid day or morning wont work because most people work. Saturday is tw. I used to host Monthlies at GC on Sundays and they worked fine. Unless you can get them going Friday nights.