GameClucks Monthly: BB/GG Event - Jan 21st 2011


18717 76th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98037
425 775 2240

Date: Jan 21st 2011 (Friday)

Time: 5pm - Midnight

Entry Fee: $5 Venue, $10 per Event

Prize Payouts: 1st 55%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 15%

Rules for All Events:
Double Elim Bracket or Round Robin (if less then 8 ppl)
Time Limit 99 Seconds
Best 2 of 3 until Upper, Lower and Champ Finals then Best 3 of 5
(If Round Robin then 2 Games per Match played)
Button Binding is Allowed
Button Check MUST be done on the Selection Screen
Pausing a game is NOT allowed

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Specific Rules:
EX, Shadow and Gold are banned
Kliff and Justice are banned

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Specific Rules:
Unlimited Characters are banned
Valkenhayn is ALLOWED


Try dustloop


I have it on there.