GameClucks Monthly @ Dante's UDist (SSF4ae, MvC3, MK9, KoF) - Jan 14th 2012


The plan is to run these at Dante’s in the UDist for the next few months.

5300 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Seattle, WA 98105

2pm Registration (Reg closes 15 mins before Event Start Time
3pm START TIME for SSF4AE (Registration closes at 2:45)
4pm’ish START TIME for MK9 ()Registration closes at 3:45)
5pm’ish START TIME for UMvC3 (Registration closes at 4:45)
5pm’ish START TIME for KoF (Registration closes at 4:45)

$5 Venue Fee (**)
$10 per Event Entry

1-35 players = 3 payouts (60%, 30%, 10%)
36-48 = 4 payouts (50%, 25%, 15%, 10%)
49-56 = 5 payouts (50%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%)

GC has 2 Xbox/TV sets I will bring down (maybe a 3rd)
SSF4AE - Need 2 set ups w/Disks
UMvC3 - We need at least 4 disks and 2 set ups
KoF - Need 2 set ups
MK9 - Need 2 set ups

(**) VENUE FEE IS WAIVED for the first couple of people that bring set ups (up to the number need for the event)


An admin should sticky this :smiley:


Lets get this back to 30++ people

so i have to register at 2pm to play mvc3 but wait til 5? um…

Sorry, I’m working and won’t be able to make it this time. Hopefully next time.

Also, could you clarify the registration window for MvC? I don’t see why someone who’s only coming for MvC should have to get there 3 hours earlier.

I might be attending, however Dante’s is a pretty rough place, I mean, there are a lot of bros having bro downs and bro offs and strange bro chants and fat chicks pounding down jello shots (nothing against fat women, just trying to accurately describe past experiences). Hopefully as early as the tournament is, we can avoid the drunken brofest or maybe it wont be as bad as my previous times at this location.

payouts for the 36 - 48 man tournament “should” be: 55%, 20%, 15%, 10%
or just go ahead and do the 50%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% split

Awesome will have to check this out. Dantes isnt nearly the “bro” fest the poster above described.

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From the event page:

I’ll be bringing a 360 with AE, Marvel, and MK9 (also 3s but there’s no event for it). I should be there around 1-1:30 to help setup or get some casuals in. I can also record from non-HD setups. Will need someone with a cam for the ones on monitors.

Is this a 21 an older place or are kids ok? Is marvel registration at 4 or do you need to register at 2?

From Chris

In the past, registration closed 15m before the start time of the specific event. I’ll see if I can get this clarified.

GGs guys. It was mad fun and there were some pretty clutch moments in some of the games. Dante’s wasnt a bro fest as I feared which was great. I noticed someone was recording some of the matches, anyone know where and when to find them?

Great turnout Saturday – I hope there’s enough momentum to keep the monthly that

We cut up some of the video yesterday, but there was a lot of Canada Cup to watch. We’ll do the rest of the editing this week. They’ll be up on the GameClucks youtube channel soon.

SSF4 AE Bracket:
MvC3 Bracket:

ggs! I always have a good time at these, but this was easily the best. The new venue is great and I am really looking forward to what we have planned for next time and seeing what and how people do with Ultimate.


[details=Spoiler]Thanks to Chris for running the event and making this venue possible, Mike and Eric for the advice, the Tekken guys for representing, Matt and Rat for running and looking out for MK and Marvel, Pat for his first showing, Cam for being too damn smart, all the new people who made it, and especially those that brought monitors and consoles.

Special thanks to Nick and Mike for spending all that time before, during, and after the tournament to setting up and recording AE and Marvel. I missed a lot of it between my matches and just talking to people so I am looking forward to them when they’re finally all edited. Oh yeah, hope you’re having fun with all that footage >.>[/details]

See you all at NWM! And to everyone that heard me on commentary… I am sorry

Yes, mad props to the folks who made this possible, I am stoked for the next one and I will be putting in a good word to all my friends about this.

Where do we find the videos??


They started uploading some of the matches on this channel.

So is the tournie still going down on the 10th this month at Dante’s?