GameClucks Monthly - Sept 10th 2011

***The GameClucks SSF4/MvC3 Schedule will be the 2nd Saturday of the month as much as possible (prob 10 out of 12 months). ***

Date: Sept 10th 2011

Games: SSF4 1v1 and 3v3, MvC3 1v1

Time: Doors open at 11am

Schedule: - Sign In’s CLOSE 15 mins before “start” time
Sign In starts at NOON
SSF4 Starts at 1PM (not 1:30, not even 1:10)
MvC3 Starts at 4PM
We are going to get back on a real schedule. I talked with Hyre and Dugg and we agreed on the above.

Venue: GameClucks - 18717 76th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036

Equipment: We have access to 8 Xbox 360s and 12 TVs.
We have 2 SSF4 and 1 MvC3 disks at this time though. So bring Disks!!

Entry Fees:
*Venue: *$5 (For Players and Casuals - True Spectators are Free)
Events: $10 for 1v1’s, $5 each ($15 per Team) for 3v3
In the case that Slash comes up for Live Stream, $1 of the Venue Fee will be donated to him to help cover Gas/Expenses.

1v1: 55%, 30%, 10%, 5%
3v3: 60%, 30%, 10%

NOS Energy Drinks (either on site or they will supply with some to hand out)
Working on a couple of other things.
Someone get at Markman and lets get him involved also… ??

UGH why can I not edit the title of my own thread???