GameClucks SSF4/MvC3 Monthly Thread - JULY 9TH 2011 CLOSED PER REQUEST

***The GameClucks SSF4/MvC3 Schedule will be the 2nd Saturday of the month as much as possible (prob 10 out of 12 months). ***

Date: Aug 13th 2011

Games: SSF4 1v1 and 3v3, MvC3 1v1, BB 1v1, GG 1v1

Time: Doors open at 11am

Schedule: - Sign In’s CLOSE 15 mins before “start” time
Sign In starts at NOON
SSF4 Starts at 1PM (not 1:30, not even 1:10)
MvC3 Starts at 4PM
We are going to get back on a real schedule. I talked with Hyre and Dugg and we agreed on the above.

Venue: GameClucks - 18717 76th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036

Equipment: We have access to 8 Xbox 360s and 12 TVs.
We have 2 SSF4 and 1 MvC3 disks at this time though. So bring Disks!!

Entry Fees:
*Venue: *$5 (For Players and Casuals - True Spectators are Free)
Events: $10 for 1v1’s, $5 each ($15 per Team) for 3v3
In the case that Slash comes up for Live Stream, $1 of the Venue Fee will be donated to him to help cover Gas/Expenses.

1v1: 55%, 30%, 10%, 5%
3v3: 60%, 30%, 10%

NOS Energy Drinks (either on site or they will supply with some to hand out)
Working on a couple of other things.
Someone get at Markman and lets get him involved also… ??

League Details
For the short term, until we get this thing back into the high 30s for attendance, I am suspending the League aspect as it is not worth tracking for 15 person events.

Very nice.

Are teams only an exhibition for each event and not a part of the final event?

And the first one is this month? Sweet.

If you all want we can do the league thing for Teams also… just so far with Smash, teams were two diff people almost every event… so trying to keep 3 together as a team for 5 months seems almost impossible…

We will run 3v3 at the Season final though as a reg event, just wont have the League Fund 10% attached to it (again unless you all want, I just dont see Team working out well in that capacity)

I think Seattle is hungry enough for a league. Regardless, I’m in :coffee:

Ohhhh this sounds yummy.

After this Saturday I will have more data and may make some adjustments to the League thing as we are having our Season Final Event for Smash. I will also have a better idea of how in actuality the Prize Pool works, right now its just math on a piece of paper, which should be right, but we will know for sure how it all works after this Saturday.

I think we should get the time of the event finalized and stick to it for the whole season.

1v1 will always start at ???
3v3 will always start at ???

Def agree with start times and sticking too them.

So sign in starts at NOON and ends at 1pm for 3v3
Bracket is made 1:15ish

Sign in for 1v1 goes until 4pm?
Bracket for 1v1 starts at 4:30 ?

You all tell me what the schedule should be. I am new enough to SSF4 that I dont know exactly how long things take.

I am in for the league. Looking for a team…

Under 21 team. We’ll need 1 more.

Im down for the league.

Im 21 though so too bad carlos and connor, unless you want it to be 21 and under instead.

Could throw El-Ronnicle on the 21 and under team lol.

This does sound very interesting, and very promising though.

Actually dan that name is hella tight. Connor what do ya think? I don’t know if you’re wantin to team up but damn that’d be a fun team.

Ahhh…youth. So this is pretty sweet…and close to home!

Good shit to GameClucks offering to throw a little of the cash towards Slash for the stream. He deserves it.

Sounds fun, I should be there

I’m down for this. I need to redeem myself after a poor showing at TW.

Looking for a team. Also, I’m only 17.

Under 21 team… HA! I do not qualify :rock:

I’d like to get a “You better know the match-up” team going. My Cammy plus an Ibuki and one more… hmmm either Viper, Vega, Seth, or Makoto. Makoto would be sick… I think we could fuck up a lot of scrubs who don’t have much experience haha. Does that Dylan guy want to be our Ibuki? I think your SRK tag was NW Sentanel.

I know its not a lot, but should cover his gas most of the time. Hoping I can get some larger things rolling that Slash can actually get paid for in the future!! His LS is crazy good!