GameClucks Thursday Night Fights (Streaming every Thursday!)


Thursday 5 pm at Another Castle.


Well hopefully I can get out of work in time to stop by!


It’s been a while, SRK, but I’m going to return to keeping this thread updated. Since I have last posted, Thursday Night Fights has moved to Another Castle Video Games, about 20m north of Downtown Seattle. It’s pretty close to where GameClucks is. I’ve continued to stream and run tournaments every week.

AE 2012 is our most popular game, but we always have at least casuals for UMvC3 and KOF XIII. Now that SFxT 2013 is out, I am adding it to our lineup and practicing for this week :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the results from last week. If you can’t make it out, check out our stream at!

GameClucks Thursdays #40 @ Another Castle
Held on January 24, 2013
Full Playlist: YouTube

AE 2012 (10 Entrants)
1: Finelikewine49 ($75.00) (GU)
2: tLoz|Kaleo ($25.00) (HO/BL)
**3: Riki-Oh (BI) **
4: BotPM (CH)
5: TKD|NOS K-Pop (IB)
5: gmon37 (TH/GU)
7: tLoz|Duggish (RY)
7: Gieft (ZA)
9: Grim (ON?)
9: NightAce (EL)

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket

UMvC3 (8 Entrants)
1: bitq ($14.00)
2: T-Bone ($2.00)
**3: BotPM **
4: #YOLOSWAGKING (Mechanica)
5: NissanZaxima
5: Okeatos TGM
7: Finelikewine49 + Gieft
7: JJ is here (Duggish)

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket

KOF XIII (8 Entrants)
1: Mechanica ($7.00)
2: tLoz|Duggish ($1.00)
3: JayjesReflecting
4: NissanZaxima
5: tLoz|Kaleo
5: Finelikewine49
7: T-Bone
7: BotPM

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket


GameClucks Thursdays #41 @ Another Castle
Held on January 31, 2013
Full Playlist: YouTube

AE 2012 (8 Entrants)
1: SRKUW|Fawwaz ($60.00) (VI)
2: Finelikewine49 ($20.00) (GU)
3: RDL (RY)
4: BotPM (CH/AK)
5: Gieft (ZA)
5: tLoz|Duggish (RY)
7: TKD|NightAce (EL)
7: Santos (??)

Links: Grand Finals / Money Match / Bracket

KOF XIII (8 Entrants)
1: Mechanica ($30.00)
2: The Show ($10.00)
3: Duggish
4: Skipples
5: NissanZaxima
5: JayjesReflecting
7: BotPM
7: Finelikewine49

Links: Grand Finals / Losers Finals / Bracket

UMvC3 (8 Entrants)
**Bracket: **
1: bitq ($12.00)
2: SWAGPEASANT ($4.00)
3: Santos
4: BrentoBox
5: T-Bone
5: BotPM
7: TKD|NightAce

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket

Thank you to everyone who came out despite traffic being so exceptionally bad today! We had three 8-man brackets this week! We continued with another exciting week of AE 2012. We had our first legit KOF weekly since… August, I think. And we held another poverty UMvC3 tournament.

Once again, I’m uploading HD replays to our YouTube channel ( Thank you to everyone who tuned in, especially the TKD crew. It really means a lot to me to see people watching.

Unfortunately, SFxT 2013 was not held tonight. While this could’ve been done, the people who were interested are unable to arrive early enough with our current crop of games. I will be trying again next week. I want to play!

I’m also looking for feedback on today regarding just about anything. As usual, I would like to improve these events.

Special thanks to Chris for bringing extra chairs from GameClucks. The problems you get with increased attendance >.>

We’ll be back at Another Castle next Thursday! If you’re looking for games before then, tomorrow should have something for everyone. Gamebreakerz is holding FT5 Fridays (, The Kimchi Dojo will be in session, and Shoryuken UW will be holding on campus casuals and free, SBO-style tournaments (

Until next week, have a good one!

Upcoming Monthlies
[Fri, Feb 8] Battle For Seattle - Febuary (Auburn, WA)
[Sat, Feb 9] Best Bout Beatdown 20 (Portland, OR)
[Sat, Feb 16] Saturday Slugfest VIII (Lynnwood, WA)
[Sat, Feb 16] Vancouver Overture 17 (Burnaby, BC)
[Sat, Feb 23] SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles #3 (Auburn, WA)


<B><U><a href=“”>GameClucks Thursdays 42 @ Another Castle</a></U></B>
Held on February 7, 2013
Replays: <a href=‘’>Full Playlist</a>

<U><B>AE 2012 (9 Entrants)</B></U>
<B>1: SRKUW|Fawwaz ($67.50) (VI)
2: Finelikewine49 ($22.50) (GU)
3: tLoz|Kaleo (HO/SK)</B>
4: BotPM (CH/AK)
5: TKD|NOS K-Pop (IB)
5: ShredApart (JU)
7: BRRY|Mechanica (EL)
7: SuperJeenius (CH)
9: Twonny (??)

Links: <a href=‘’>Grand Finals</a> / <a href=‘’>Money Match #1</a> / <a href=‘’>Money Match #2</a> / <a href=‘’>Bracket</a>

<U><B>UMvC3 (8 Entrants)</B></U>
<B>1: tLoz|Mechanica ($12.00)
2: Santos ($4.00)
3: Gimpyfish62</B>
4: Twonny
5: SuperJeenius
5: BotPM
7: ShredApart
7: SRKUW|Fawwaz

Links: <a href=‘’>Grand Finals</a> / <a href=‘’>Bracket</a>

<U><B>SFxT 2013 (8 Entrants)</B></U>
<B>1: SRKUW|Loz ($12.00)
2: Gimpyfish62 ($4.00)
3: tLoz|Mechanica</B>
4: BotPM
5: SRKUW|Fawwaz
5: tLoz|Kaleo
7: Twonny
7: TKD|NOS K-Pop

Links: <a href=‘’>Grand Finals</a> / <a href=‘’>Secret Boss Battle</a> / <a href=‘’>Bracket</a>

Thank you to everyone who came out! It looked like it was going to be a really empty day with a couple of our regulars being out of town and others being unable to make it, but we still held a 9-person AE 2012 tournament with everyone showing impressive improvement, UMvC3 happened again for the fifth straight week, and we held a completely unplanned SFxT 2013 tournament. Shoutouts to everyone wanting to make that happen!

To those of you that tuned in, thank you for watching. I’ll do my best to interact with you all more next time. I’ll see if I can replicate the sync issues and get that fixed, but I have some thoughts for the next time it pops up.

We will be taking a break this week, but this Saturday, February 16th is Saturday Slugfest VIII at GameClucks! This is our region’s largest monthly with UMvC3, AE 2012, SFxT 2013, KOF XIII, TTT2, MK9, VF5FS, SCV, and P4U! I hope to see you there! Now to figure out how everything else works on the new SRK >.>

Upcoming Monthlies
<a href=‘’>[Sat, Feb 16] Saturday Slugfest VIII (Lynnwood, WA)</a>
<a href=‘’>[Sat, Feb 16] Vancouver Overture 17 (Burnaby, BC)</a>
<a href=‘’>[Sat, Feb 23] SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles 3 (Auburn, WA)</a>
[Sat, Mar 2] Best Bout Beatdown 21 (Portland, OR)
[Sat, Mar 9] Battle For Seattle - March (Auburn, WA)


After taking last week off for Slugfest, we’re back! Expect, at least, a $10 AE 2012 and $2 UMvC3 tournament. Last time we ran a bit late due to SFxT 2013, so hopefully people can show up earlier or we’ll just hold casuals ^^;; Of course, I’ll be down for SFxT or P4U casuals before everything starts around 7pm. Now to check in with the KOF community to see if that’s a go.<br>


Update for today: We’re at GameClucks in Lynnwood instead! Sorry for the late update. I’m excited to be back at this location for the week. Next week, we’ll return to our normal venue.<br>


This is today! AE 2012 is happening like always and it sounds like we’ll be getting people for UMvC3 casuals. I hope to see you there or on stream!


is this happening still? i’m visiting seattle startin’ from wed and was wondering if ya’ll were still meeting up- specifically for marvel, since that’s the only game i really play.


I’ll be in the Seattle area next week, wondering if this still happens?


This is still going, with some changes. This now occurs every other week at GameClucks in Lynnwood, WA. We will be holding our weekly tomorrow, August 22nd.

In the past, we have made exceptions for PAX week, but we are unsure if we will be around. We should find out tomorrow.

Unfortunately, UMvC3 tournaments haven’t occurred in some time, but we usually have two setups just for casuals. If you’re on the fence, I recommend posting up on our Facebook event page to see if others are coming as well.

I’m very behind in updates, but our brackets are always available on Challonge and replays can be found on


Ah well looks like I’ll be around during an off week. well if anyone in the Kent area wants to play sf4/umvc3/cvs2/mvc2 Iwould like to as well this coming Wednesday/Thursday.


Does any 3rd strike go on?


No, but if you really want to we could probably get some casuals going.


2 years, does this even still happen?


Don’t know…


Quick update:

Just wanted to let everyone know that Gameclucks does still host tournaments/casuals every Thursday focused mainly on Street Fighter but with some Guilty Gear, MKX and Marvel 3. We sometimes get old school games going as well. If you bring the set up and we have enough space we pretty much will play anything.

Here’s a link to the stream:

If you’re curious about how you can be updated for events here’s a link to a Facebook group where mostly all of the active NW FGC discusses upcoming local tournaments and sessions.

Hope this helps, I’m going to try to post up coming events in a separate thread to keep everyone in the loop. Message me if you guys have any questions about events.


Is Gameclucks still hosting somewhere? Store is gone but I was told by a neighboring business that they were looking to expand to a bigger place.


Hey there! Unfortunately after nearly 6 years of weekly events, Thursday Night Fights is currently on hiatus until GameClucks can find an appropriate place to reopen business.

Until then, we are meeting at GameWorks in Downtown Seattle every Tuesday from 6-11pm! We play on PS4 and games often in attendance are SFV, T7, GGXrdR2, and BBCF. No brackets, just open casuals.

For tournaments, GameClucks is still active with the Seattle Slugfest series, part of the Red Bull Proving Grounds circuit. This is currently our region’s largest monthly event with over 100 attendees last June! The Spring season just ended, but the Fall one will start in July with a training day. Details for that are at


So, would people play CVS2 (PS2)?

What about hosting at Dorky’s or something?

Also, how much is Gameworks on Tuesdays