Anyone in the northend down to throw some casuals there on the weekends or even some days during the week? Its right down the street from my house right now :wgrin: I have called them once already and they had mentioned if I supplied all my own ish (games, sticks, etc.) they would be down. What ya’ll think yo?

I sometimes go on Monday’s when they have a casuals for Super Smash Bros going on. There’s normally enough TV’s for all games to be played simultaneously.

Soon, Gameclucks is going to start hosting alot of Street Fighter events.

true facts

Sounds good. I would like to explore the options of us recording/streaming our game play while we are there. From what I’ve seen of Gameclucks it seems like they wouldn’t mind it but I’d like to know. Even if it means throwing a Gameclucks logo up occasionally on the stream I don’t mind that, but I am trying to get more streaming/recording opportunities and regular Gameclucks SSF4 functions would be the perfect sort of avenue for something like that.

Yes, we also have another stream monkey for you to team up with and exchange ideas/methods with…all will be coming round soon 'nuff.

All of what has been said above.

Lets do this :slight_smile: