Gamecore Monthly Hickory, NC 03/05/11

Gamecore Monthly Hickory,NC 03/05/11
2418-A N Center St.
Hickory NC, 28601
(828) 638-5135

Venue Fee:$3

Super Street Fighter 4 (xb360)
Entry fee: $7
Marvel vs Capcom3 (xb360)
entry fee: $10
game version: 360
game settings: versus mode, 99 seconds
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination
winners/losers finals: 3/5

Registration begins at 2:00pm and ends at 3:00pm.
Tournament Starts at 3:15pm Sf first

Bring your own Sticks/pad, if you don’t have one there will be plenty extra.


Collect and wager Game Core Points (GCP) to cash in for great prizes!

This reward system will launch on February, 12th, 2011.


Purchase Hours

  • For every hour you purchase for in store game play, you gain 50 Game Core Points. (GCP)

Become a member

  • In additions to all the great benefits of becoming a member you also get 200 points when you sign up for

Wager Matches

  • You can use points to challenge your friends in wager matches. You can pick ANY game to challenge your friends in! The amount of GCP you want to put on the line is entirely up to you and your opponent, you can wager as little as 50 or as much as 2000 GCP! Winner of the match takes the pot. Also, you may play as
    many matches for as long as you have GCP. Wager Matches can only be held at The Game Core.


  • These are a great way to earn big bonuses to your points. Simply entering a tournament will earn you some GCP, and of course, winning tournaments will give you the biggest amount of GCP bonus.

Refer A Friend

  • You can earn 1000 GCP or $5 CASH for referring a friend*. This is a great way to instantly gain and wager points right away!


With more prizes to come

Sounds great, I’ll be there.

I will be there

Im winning MvC3. Just letting you all know now. So please be good lil pot monsters and enter MvC3, ok thanks! :slight_smile: On a side note, I need to reach that 40k GCP for that 360!

marvels out. Go get it!

I got it and I will be there, simple mode all day baby.

Lol, simple mode ftw!!!

changed some prices on fees. Owner passed out flyers with wrong prices so we’ll just work around it

Barring unforeseen circumstances, I hope I can attend, however considering it’s an hour a way and I get lost easily, I’ll think a bit. xD

if anything we can send someone out to meet people at a easy to find location off the freeway and just have them lead you guys there.

I’m taking SSF4 this time. I’m calling you out, Miguel. lol

I am ridiculously salty in all my games. But I may come out for a few casuals. Any casual meets happening before this?

we need to, i still got to unlock all the characters down there. shouldnt take to long

Im fine with senitnel not being unlocked for the tourney. Completely acceptable imo!


Beware My Sentinel is pro-leets!!!
I x-factor with Sent. right off the bat yo!

Sentinel IS a staple for all teams, IMO. lol

Just bring your hard drives if you want the characters. That’s what I’m doing.

Pro tactics for sure! :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting to see how many people have Sentinel on their team and see how many are actually impressive with Sentinel.

I may not be able to make it guys. My Aunt passed away and the plan is to do the funeral on the weekend of this tournament. If they decide to postpone it for a later date then I’ll be there, but if not then sorry, I won’t be able to make it again.

that sucks, family comes first though.

I’ll try to make it out here.