Gamecore Monthly results

  1. West
  2. Priest
  3. Garrett
  4. Lobo
  5. Steel

Thanks everyone for showing up, congrats to the winners and hope to see everyone at the next one.

Also everyone make sure to give your thanks to jerry for letting us use his location.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

don’t feed the trolls. i feel PvP in the air.

another great tourney guys, smooth and professional. i’ll try to make it to the next one! jerry is a champ that loves biscuits.

Finally a true results thread. Here are some things I wanted to say

West: Congrats for winning again and overcoming the Dhalsim match that you didn’t seem too thrilled about.

Steel: I don’t think I saw our Akuma at all, despite that and the fact that you’ve hardly played the game lately, your Adon is already pretty damn good

Bryan: Despite missing the tourney, thanks for coming down and playing casuals with us. We’ll return the favor at the XS tournament

Nunnie and Jerry: Thanks to you two for making this happen. It’s great that even our little area can have a SSF4 tournament to look forward every month.

Vinny and Justin: I’m glad I was able to run into you guys during the tourney, always a pleasure to play you guys.

Thanks to everybody else for coming and supporting this tourney. It’s a small tourney in a small town but without everybody’s support, it wouldn’t have even made it to number 3. Hopefully it’ll continue improving and growing.

damn, i really woulda won this one too.