Gamecore Monthly SSF4 Tournament @ Hickory, NC - 07/31/10

Gamecore Monthly SSF4 Tournament @ Hickory, NC - 07/31/10
2418-A N Center St.
Hickory NC, 28601
(828) 638-5135

Super Street Fighter 4
entry fee: $10
prize: Cash money: 7pot, 3 house
game version: 360
game settings: versus mode, 99 seconds
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination
winners/losers finals: 3/5
grand finals: first to 3 (winner out of loser’s bracket must win 2 sets)

Registration begins at 2:00pm and ends at 3:00pm.
Tournament Starts at 3:15pm

Bring your own Sticks/pad, if you don’t have one there will be plenty extra.
We will have at least 6 set ups, free play will be going on during tournament.

This makes number 3 lets keep it going and thanks for everyone that attended our last one.
And thank you to Mythos and Charlie’s subs for the free food and coupons.

Woot! I’ll be there. I’ll see if I can get some Charlotte people to come up.

Oh yeah!!! We get food this time lol xD

how long does this usually last?

they’ve been pretty smooth start around 3 and ends around 6-7 ish, last one we had casual team battles afterwards.

thats with about 20 people

ALRIGHT!!! Awesome, another GameCore Monthly SSF4 Tournament!! I’ll definitely be there!! I’ll be bringing a couple of new guys from Statesville out. They’re kinda green, but it’ll be fun to break them in.

Isn’t there a tekken scene in hickory or what? Not enough demand for it? Just curious

its pretty small, i know a few people that play around here.

Im in there like swimwear

Actually I have some family in Hickory. But I only have a stick for the PS3. Think if I came someone would allow me to use their stick in my rounds? haha. if so, I’d be down.

Just come, you’ll be able to use a stick. I only have a PS3 and the last time I came I was able to borrow a stick for all my matches.

I am so down then. Look forward to it. Also there is a tournament in Durham the week before. I’ll be making it to both tournaments.

thats horrible lobo

1 week

its come to my attention that people want the payout to be more clear.

also that the projector laggs.

im relaying the concern back here.

im definitely trying to make this! might bring some charlotte guys if they are in

you dont have to watch the projector, you can always just watch the screens. The projector is there so everyone isn’t hovering over the finalist while they’re player.

I’ll be there, and possibly bringing some people in from Raleigh.

no, people say by hooking it up that way, that it makes the SCREEN lagg. not the projector.

and the payout hasnt been mentioned yet… just pointing it out.

not my concern. peeps want to know.