Gamecore's SSF4 Tournament @ Hickory, NC - 06/26/10


2418-A N Center St.
Hickory NC, 28601
(828) 638-5135

Super Street Fighter 4
entry fee: $10
game version: 360
game settings: versus mode, 99 seconds
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination
winners/losers finals: 3/5
grand finals: first to 3 (winner out of loser’s bracket must win 2 sets)

Registration begins at 2:00pm and ends at 3:00pm.
Tournament Starts at 3:15pm

Bring your own Sticks/pad, if you don’t have one there will be plenty extra.
We will have at least 6 set ups, free play will be going on during tournament.

This will be our second tournament here at Gamecore and we are more then willing to hold tournaments for other games as long as we can get a good showing. Our last tourn had a showing of about 25 for SSF4 and if there is any interest at all let me know and if we can get enough i’ll host it.

Thank you to all that helped make our last tournament the success it was and lets make this one even better.

Last tournament pics:


You know I’ll be there, this time im taking steel out lol:bgrin:


I’ll be coming. Hopefully I can get some of my other street fighter buddies to come out to fill out the loser’s bracket.


I need RiceEater Dua to be my sponsor again or else I can’t get 1st place. :rofl:


definatly be there


For sure, if I can’t win I might as well put my money behind one of the guys who can :bgrin:

And yeah I’ll be there to, I may bring a bunch of guys with me next time. Hopefully everybody else plus some new faces show again so we can have a even better turnout then we did for the first.


I’ll bring a new face or two too. I know some people are interested but none of them are actually “topnotch” so hahah, we’ll see what happens.


ill be there. hope to see new players there.


posted tournament pics


2nd place, going for first this time. lol Watch out, Miguel!


I might bring one person along, though he’s mad salty at the game and he’s making me salty by not bringing back my copy of ssf4!


I have a question guys. The first tourney had a good attendance, much better then most of us expected IMO. But I attributed that to the flyers being passed out when people bought there copy of SSF4. For all those other guys who dont have SRK accounts or go to Gamecore, is the message getting out to them? Like some of us have said, we’re bringing extra people to compete next time so it’d be great if we had a even better showing. But I’m just afraid that most players who aren’t as dedicated as we are(but would love to come and compete anyways) won’t come just because they have no idea it’s happening.

I myself had no idea that there was a local NC scene for a while even though I was spending so much time playing the game. Hopefully that’s not the case, it’d be great to see 30+ next time. We’re at a pretty low level as a whole right now, so I’m hoping the players will stay dedicated and keep coming so we can all help each other improve.


we have flyers we’ve been handing out at local gamestops. If you can come pick some up and pass them out where you can, just let me know and i’ll get you some.


Hey that’s your job, not mine LOL. But seriously I’m one of the old guys at this tournament despite how I may act sometimes. Which means I work and don’t get out too much. And I have no idea how to find other players, especially the younger guys. But like I said, I may come with possibly up to 6 other players next time(hopefully). So good luck to you guys on spreading the word and everybody else trying to grow the community we have here.


Looks like it’ll be another great success!! Got more guys coming!! Wish there was a better way to get in touch with more local players.


I know what we need to do, make a commercial lolol




Charlie’s subs will be providing food YAY!




almost here