Gamecube arcade stick

Is it possible? Has anyone hacked a first party gamecube controller or a wavebird? If so, would it be possible to put a p360 into a gc controller pcb?

Sidenote, has anyone used the hrap for the wii? i heard the joystick is mapped to the dpad and not an analog stick, which I imagine would suck terrible, so I’m looking for a gamecube/wii joystick alternative with more precise joystick action for brawl.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Nope. If you want a stick for Smash Bros, forget it. The only way this could be even close to playable is with a custom PCB, which Im hoping to do with the UPCB. Trying to do it with a hacked PCB wouldn’t be worth it.

Let’s say you get the stick setup so it controls the left analog stick. Well, your stick is digital, not analog. There is no midway point to report, it’d be either in the middle, or all the way to one side. So, no walking for you. You couldn’t do a tilt A from standing because the game would see it as a smash. There aren’t any potentiometer buttons, so you wouldn’t b able to differentiate a full shield with click versus a partial shield (which matters in SSBM, but not sure about SSBB). You’d only have one stick, so any moves requiring the C stick (d-air from a floating Peach for instance) couldn’t be done. You couldn’t walk, you could only ever run.

When I get GC support into the UPCB, I’ll be making a SSB mode to at least give people a much more playable option, but doing this with a hacked GC pad, forget it.

Shoo, maybe this could be added to a sticky for the question “Can I make a stick for Smash Bros?” This question will only be getting more common.

Edit: Please note this answer did NOT take into account hacking Wii-mote’s directly. Using a wii-mote PCB is certainly possible, but I was trying to answer using Gamecube PCB’s or Classic Controller PCB’s.

Ty for the response. Kinda sad news, but at least there’s a potential for hope. I’ve got an old gamecube converter somewhere in a box, i might try that out just to see what a joystick would be like.