Gamecube controller in TE stick. Cleanest way to do it?

Whats the easiest cleanest way to do the mod? Will i need 2 cords coming out? Im sure its been asked before but cant seem to find anything :frowning:

im assuming u have an xbox 360 TE if you do then you need a pad hacked xbox controller i believe and an mc cthulhu board and if u want it be one wire and such you should just get an rj45 neutrik jack put in the cord compartment and get cords made for each console. one cord at a time and its clean like u wanted.

Why would he need to get an Xbox 360 Controller PCB?
If the TE is Xbox 360, then just use the PCB in there.

For the Neutrik, can put inside Cord Compartment if want.

Image by Bomberman.

Or can do this.

Image by manman.

K so i got all the wires soldered to the pad itself, now do i just piggy-back all the wires to the jlf and all the buttons?

Yes the TE stick is Xbox360\pc :slight_smile:

IT really would have been easier to just get a ChImp and use that instead of padhacking a GCN controller.

GCN was free :slight_smile: I do have a MC cthulhu but thats for another project

So I see that four of the Posts in this Thread did not help you. :sad:
Since they all talk about Multi-Console Cthulhu, while you say GameCube Controller.

Also connect Ground between the two PCB.
Also connect VCC between the two PCB.
(+5V on TE, +3.3V on GameCube.)

ChImp doesn’t do anything but PlayStation 3 and PC.

Thank you JDM. Will get this done in the next few days and let you know how it went :slight_smile: Why do i need to connect the 2 pcb’s together if the cords are separate?

That is just how a Dual Mod works.
Or as how many PCB more added.

Because the whole thing together is one large circuit.
So both PCB needs to have power.

If one does not, the other acts weird.

Ugh, my mistake, thought the ChImp was a MC Cthulhu with an Imp board.

not to hijack this thread or anything but im wanting to mod my xbox360 te to play on a wii( wanting to pick up TVC) what would i need to make that happen?

Check this thread:

I made a guide for padhacking a Nyko Wired Wing Classic Controller here:

But I think people said the easiest route is to put in a MC Chuthlu with a Gamecube cord.

Can add Multi-Console Cthulhu for the GameCube support if you want.
Can add a Classic Controller for the Wii support if you want.

i want to go the easiest way possible which would be the mc cthulhu. so pretty much all i need is a mc cthulhu, wii adapter .nutrex connectors and thats pretty much it?