Gamecube Controller PCB


Anyone recommend a Gamecube controller PCB that is easy to hack to make a joystick? I can’t seem to find any diagrams of other Gamecube controllers.

I already looked on slagcoin and noticed that the PCB posted does not match my controller, even though it is an official one.
Messed around with the official controller, but with no luck, and it ain’t looking pretty.

Any help would be great. Thank you.

P.S. Going to cry as I play TvC on my classic controller. Bye.


Padhack a CC instead, FA-MAS already posted how to in a thread somewhere here.


Well, I guess I could hack the classic controller, but I kinda like my classic controller for other games. Classic controllers run what? about $20. I’m sure a 3rd party pad from madcatz or something would cost a lot less. I would also like it as a gamecube controller because it wouldn’t be wireless.

I’m thinking about buying myself an old Mad Catz Gamecube controller on Ebay or checking my local Thrift Store to see if they got anything. Just saying it would be cheaper.

I’m sure there are some people out there that would like to find an easy to hack Gamecube controller out there, and so would I.


But you wouldn’t be able to play some fighters that didn’t recognize the GameCube controller then. Besides, FA-MAS mod basically allowed you to connect a separate stick to the CC (he did it so that he could plug in his HSS-0130).


Give me some details on your Gamecube controller failed attempt. I brought mine back from the brink and it works well. Although only Start, Dirctions, A, B, X, Y share a ground. you dont get shoulders or Z, but then you dont need them.

maybe i can help


The MC Cthulhu board can do GameCube (along with all the other systems it supports). I’d go with that.


^This, you’ve already got a GameCube controller you’ve torn apart, so use that cable on the MC Cthulhu and you’re golden.


at $40 or watever extra cost… depends if you want multiconsole down the line


You could padhack a ps1 controller and buy a converter, thats what i’ve done with mine. I’ve got converters for Dreamcast, 360 and gamecube, just need to find a saturn one and i’ll be happy!

PS1 pads are cheap, thats probably doubly true if you live in the US, converters are available from play asia for $8 + shipping

If you’re gonna padhack anything its the best choice IMHO


Thanks a lot Smiler. That has been the best idea so far. These other ideas are great also, but they are a bit pricey. So thanks Smiler for the least expensive great idea.

I actually got the pad hack to work on the Gamecube controller, but it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t quick. No were as near as easy as Madcatz 360 or Madcatz Dreamcast.

I wish there was a converter for the Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Stick 360, so I could use it on my Nintendo Wii. I wouldn’t have to worry about buying new stick/making new stick, and would also save room/time/money.


Glad i could help!

I’ve got a TE too and was planning on trying to put a PS1 pad in alongside the TE’s PCB so i have stick for friends to use.I’m sure there’ll be enough room to fit it in, and it would obv be cheaper and easier for you than sorting out a case and buying the stick and buttons.

BTW the padhack i used was the spiffyshoes solderless one, i found it really easy and really quick. Don’t know what the feeling is on SRK for this hack but i’d personally recommend it. Tutorial is here: