GameDux 2nd SSF IV tournament Boston, MA January 22, 2011(Roxburry Results)


Thank you to everyone that participated in our 2nd tournament. A lot of unexpected things went down and some of the greatest players in the country truly represented. We will be thanking people individually for their help, cooperation and energy.

Winners SSF4 Double Elimination XBox 360

1.) Kevin(EMP DIEMINION)Landon-$100
2.) Rob(DMG “WeakSauc3”)Stevens-$35 GameStop gift card
3.) Thom(“Vigilante”)Vigil-$15 iTunes gift card

Winners SSF4 Double Elimination PS3

1.) Kevin(EMP DIEMINION)Landon-$100
2.) Craig(DMG “Gridman”)Stevens-$35 GameStop gift card
3.) Rob(DMG “WeakSauc3”)Stevens-$15 iTunes gift card


How many entrants were there for each tournament?


For XBox 360 we had 16 entrants. And for the PS3 we had 14 entrants. I seen the DMG twitter page with the update for this tournament. If possible can you update the number entrants on that page. Or if you know who is in charge of that page can you notify them about the entrants. If you can I greatly appreciate it.


Oy Amar, it’s Darius…so sorry once again to bail out on ya’ll like that but you know…life happens. Just let me know when ya’ll have the next tourney and I PROMISE to be there til the end! haha.


DIEMINION was there? Damn I wish I wasn’t in NY at the time…
Grats on 3rd Tom! You’re beast!


Thx alot

Next time I will try and get first!


@Darius, you know I look forward to your participation. You are one of the few people I always root for in our tournaments. It’s all good I hope everything you guys had to handle worked out for the best. Also I am looking to have a casual play release party for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on February 16th. Let me know if you and Odlin and any other of your people will be interested. The location is at a bar so we can get twisted and enjoy ourselves. Plus I got some nice surprises for the next tournament. Talk to you soon.