gAMEdUX DOOMSDAY tournament results May 1, 2011

I apologize about the delay.

Super Street Fighter IV(Xbox 360)

1st Place:DMG Weak Sauc3
2nd Place:GDX TV
3rd Place:Nick Muzzo

4th place:Adam
5th place tie:Lawrence
7th place tie:GDX Kerron
9th place tie:Gill Hustle
GDX Phoen1x
GDX Jose
GDX Most Infamous
13th place tie:aMARVALOUS
SAB Bad Wise
Kenny Fleury

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

1st Place:John Cordeiro
2nd Place:Paul Boyd
3rd Place:
4th place:John Adoneos
5th place tie:Charles Francis
GDX Most Infamous
7th place tie:Gill Hustle
GDX Riceman
9th place tie:Ryan
Eddie Gibson
Delvis Batista
Brad Muse
13th place:Kenny Leite

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 PS3 results
1John Cordeiro
2John Adoneos
3Binh Pham
4GDX Most Infamous
5Loc Pham
7Paul Boyd
7GDX riceman
9Josh LeBoeuf
9Danh Pham
9Darry Stanfai
13Justin Gallion
13Keith McAvoy

Mortal Kombat PS3 RESULTS
1 Adam
2 John A
3 Merkilo

Nick Muzzo huh?.. that guy is ass. lmfao brad brought this to my attention a while ago… this also happened to me in my 8th grade mcas certificate =/