Gamefaqs 3rd strike thread titles

This is just too funny. I went to gamefaqs to see what kinda posts are made about 3rd strike and these are the thread titles I see.

“How do you fight Shin Akuma in this?”
“Can you change super arts between matches?”
“Easiest character to learn?”
“My fanfiction for Q’s backstory.”
“Wait so people are playing this online now on their PC?”

Keep in mind there are ONLY 10 THREADS. So we have a 1/2 totally hilarious ratio.

Link for those who want to see it for themselves.

That’s funny man. THAT IS FUNNY.

Out of all the people that could have responded to the thread… Oh well, guess it makes sense.

The musings are pretty funny :rofl:


the best one was “when choosing who to fight”

“did i make a bad choice if it says _____” LOL

wtf i thought roshihikari got banned…

rofl @ q’s fanfiction

“errr feilong?” is a good one. He asked who should he pick since he isn’t in it. Someone replied, Necro. lol

are you serious!??:rofl:

lol if you think thats funny just check some of the character specific faq…especially the one on ryu…i swear it says something like dont grab its cheap…or use only his SA1 or something like that

DAMN these ppl are funny though


–One the weaknesses I’ve noticed from her is her lack of anti-air. the best
I’ve found so far is her level 3 super art or empowered spinning bird kick. her
standing close-up HK and jumping HK are also moderate anti-air attacks. But her
options are severely limited compared to others.
–It is very important to master parrying if you want to use chun-li
effectively. Don’t let this discourage you because she’s an offensive character.
Parrying also makes a great anti-air attack. If you’re fighting a newbie,
practice parrying. Also be sure not to lose that 3rd round
–Poking tactics work GREAT when both of you have low life. She’s faster than
most opponents so use her LP, LK, MP, and MK attacks. Never jump-in on a poking
game. Dash. Your opponent will most likely be on the defensive so use your speed
to your advantage.
–She’s one of the few characters that can do an Air-throw, but some consider it
cheap. Do it once in a while, or don’t do it at all.

III. DENJIN-HADOU-KEN: Ryu does an unblockable fireball. Holding
punch charges it up to 5 hits. I haven’t figured out how to use this
effectively, and it seems nobody else has either. The best is in a combo,
but it does very little damage, and if you do it in a combo, you can’t
charge it, so it’s like nothing at all. The most obvious way is to do it
after a knockdown, then charge it. As your opponent gets up, let it off!
Unfortunately, everybody I play against nowadays can parry all five hits…

Some guy posted this.

People who act like they are knowledgeable about things they aren’t deserve to be laughed at.

roshihikari has become my first ban he should feel honored


I feel honored to know that roshi got banned in a thread I started.

You got PUNK’D.

Oh and Roshi got banned again.

Crap begets crap.

def deserved a thread.