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Poll of the Day

Which once-popular game genre would you most like to see make a comeback?

2D Fighting Games (Street Fighter) 38% 3172
Graphic adventures (King’s Quest) 18.33% 1530
Laserdisc/Interactive Movies (Dragon’s Lair) 2.77% 231
Light gun shooters (Virtua Cop) 23.68% 1977
Scrolling shoot-em-ups (Ikaruga) 17.23% 1438

holy fuck. i know its still early in the polling but i cant at all believe the mainstream gamer even knows wtf a fighting game is. then again, those other choices are pretty bad.

edit: i was high when i posted this. im not anymore.

And a GameFAQs poll is relevant how? :confused:

OMFG TEHRE MAI STEEL B3 HOPE 4 SF IV!1!!one!!1!lolies!

I like how people all over this forum bash on gamefaqs without actually ever having lurked there. Posted even.

It’s like a virgin saying he loves pussy.

So I guess both of those apply to you huh?

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this would be alot cooler if the other choices were better.

come on, laserdisc?

because it is sadly a relevant sampling of the average gamer these days?

sure its not the best evidence supporting “2d fighters need a comeback” but it shows that more average joes are interested in hadoukens than avoiding hostages in the crossfire.

I can’t believe I used to post back along time ago there.

:rofl: @ you trying to defend GFAQS. Hell, I need not write anything else about your pathetic self. You just basically shot yourself in the foot right there and then. :rolleyes:

Hell, if I take a stroll down the MvC 2 fourms, I’m bound to found stupid shit (i.e. “Sentinel is weak because he’s big and slow!!1!”) without much effort. :lol:

And yes, I once posted there, kinda like…a long time ago. Left midway through 2001.

Any other stupid shit you wanna spit out of your ass?

<3 your kof storyline faq

oh i remember the kofxi drama there

didnt know that lantis was the lantis


Cosign :sweat:

GameFAQs is trash.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. With a bit of investigation, you can occasionally find an FAQ that a) is relevant and useful, and b) isn’t laced with bias.

The message boards are another story altogether. Too many fucknuts who think they’re worth a damn, and sadly too much censorship and blatant mod favortism to put them in their place. Christ. The GFAQs forums are the only forums I’ve ever been to that had people that I actually wanted to punch IRL. And I’m fairly mellow, too. From one douche who called people petitioning for a NA version of KH2:Final Mix “Japanophile wannabes who needed to be shot” (and would reply to flames with the most laughable elementary-school gun threats I’ve ever read) to another douche racist asshat named Kouli whose best and only insult when called on his very obvious bullshit is to say “stupid americans and I is not like insults” or some shit, to every other variety of jackass…

Fuck this. Thinking about it is pissing me off all over again. Fuck that place.

NINJA EDIT - There’s a 3S Akuma FAQ that says that “you shouldn’t play cheap and you shouldn’t throw or use fireballs.” :tdown:

link me i want to read it!!

rah rah Gamefaqs!:annoy:

lol I almost fell off my chair while reading this

gfaq isn’t bad, not if you troll, though trolling that place is so easy its almost like sleeping.

I LOL’d @ that FAQ.

Appearently the guy that made that one has a bunch moar too, I feel like reading them for lulz.


Granted, since each and every game has its own forum, it’s entirely possible that there are good communities there that we simply haven’t seen. I know that for every game I’ve visited a GFAQs forum for, I’ve been disappointed.

The Elder Scrolls community in GameFAQs is actually very good.

That poll is so screwed up.

OF COURSE 2d fighting game is winning because the other choices are so shitty that no one in their right mind would vote for them.

Gfaqs isn’t as horrible as you make it out. I’m on there usually and I see kaising and preppy post there fairly often. I don’t honestly like it, but I’m usually there to answer any random “noob” questions players may have.