GameFAQs Tourney replay



Entered a SSF4 tourney on GameFAQs yesterday, First match was against an Abel, and lost…:wasted:

I did some random crap and choked when I got him to low heath which lost me the match. Here is the match, any constructive critism or tips will be appriciated, and yeah, I am aware that random tomahawks are a no no and just found out that Raging Typhoon cannot be used against Breathless.



These new threads about every thought that pops into anyones mind need to stop popping up here

  • Rep to Gridman pointing out that the last thing we need are lots of individual threads. This could easily have gone into the video thread.

Last thing we need is this part of the forum turning into some random list of 5 post threads like just about every other character discussion area around here. When I come on here, because there is notmuch activity normally, I get excited when I see something in the hope that I will learn something so lets try and keep it that way.

As for the vid, the best bit of advice I could give you (and although it sounds hard, it stopped me from doing it almost instantly when I started playing SF4) is take it easy with the jumping about - THIS GAME IS NOT SUPER MARIO TURBO ADDITION DELUXE! Yes neutral jump at the right distance to zone your opponent from time to time or bait something with laggy recovery to get a dive off, but you play hawk like he is trying to get across hot sand with no shoes on.


Thanks for the advice, TAMANAPANTS. I know I jump wayyyyy too much. I try to move across the map fast by using dives, bad habit.

And I will put vids like this in the other forum from now on, kinda new to SRK.
Second time I have done something like that actually.


you lost cause you picked the stupid alt combined with the stupid filter.

next time try to win with skill not cheap tactics ( making your char look ugly as fuck and distracting the other guy )


i lold at beathless beating out rt

nice match


Lol, yeah, I like the alt.

But if anything I learned that RT doesn’t get Abel out of Breathless. Gotta learn somehow.