Gamefinger buttons? good or not?


So I’m thinking about building my own fight stick and while looking at buttons, i stumbled across these. Does anyone know how these are? my buddy has these on his keyboard and they’re really nice. Don’t know how the fight stick button counter parts will be. if any one could give me any info I’d appreciate it. Here’s where i found them, thanks everyone!!!


You want the best buttons? Yenox buttons with E-switch are the best.


try crown, if you can find them domestically or swap out switches.


Only post here you should listen to.

Read my review.




This could have easily been asked in the Ask Tech Talk thread or a simple thread search would find the HBSF buttons thread where I’m sure plenty of opinions on the buttons exist. Tis why the last clone of this topic and this one I suggest Yenox. Because they’re AWESOME.


While @d3v 's article is good, it doesn’t fully cover the difference between the cherries (it does a little)

Here is what the difference is on the most common cherries.

This is what you need to read because this is what makes 90% of this button


@Moonchilde im curious about these now xD


@ogrebites Yenox? They’re cheap wannabe iL/HAPP buttons. Kind of. They have a unique concave plunger that is rounded at the edge rather that more angular like the older school buttons of yore. The concave dip is also not as deep so they’re more comfortable to play on than typical concave buttons. They have some good aspects because of that. However, the plastic is super cheap shit and over all the build quality sucks. iL uses a nice, sturdy nylon and Yenox uses some kind of brittle ABS or something, I am not sure, but sturdy wasn’t the impression I was left with when I bought some. I bought them for a MadCatz SE because they were shorter barrel than iL buttons which did not fit my SE. With a Cherry D44x switch they felt pretty decent when playing. I don’t have them anymore, but my opinion is that if they were made of a decent nylon, they’d have actually been good quality if you wanted concave buttons. The overall design is superior to iL’s concave button design, especially towards the edge of the plunger since it’s smoother to the tip of your finger.

Anyway, that’s a bit off topic. Shouldn’t matter though, this thread wasn’t needed in the first place so a silly question gets a silly answer :slight_smile:


Isn’t it cool when you become so badass on a subject that you can quote yourself without sounding snob :slight_smile:


@moonchild i was just asking a question, on how those buttons were. weather they were crap considering everyone always picks either Sanwa or Seimitsu, im using the injustice fight stick right now, and after beating the hell outa it for an extended period of time. So i figured i would built my own.

i understand what there “supposed” to do. but i was wondering if anyone has goten hands on with them, how they general feel, are they durable ect.

thanks everyone for responding!


You may find what you’re looking for here:

A lot of us who have purchased them have a lot to say.


@Sea_Beast123 there’s also a 12 page thread though about HBSF that has tons and tons of opinions on the buttons. We also just had like 2 other button threads, and while one was okay and just a general button talk thread, having 2 more What’s the Best after the other was kinda like, dopey. Shirley you can see why I jest?


Get the red switches IMO.


@Sea_Beast123 be like…Don’t call me Shirley.