Gamefrog Tounament Durham:Fall Tech Oct 6,2007

After a long need rest SaiSyu is back at it!!!

Durham Gamefrog Tournament:Tech Fall
Oct 6,2007

Gamefrog Cafe
NorthGate Mall
1058 West Club Blvd
Durham, N.C 27701


Street Fighter III:3rd Strike
(Rules:No Gill, winner keeps charater,Super art is changeble)

Guilty Gear XX:Accent Core
(Rules: No gold characters, no Boss Ino)

Capcom vs SNK 2
(Rules:No God Rugal, Orochi Iori, or Orochi Gouki)

Samurai Showdown 2
(Rules: No Kuroko)

Super Smash Brothers:Melee

TEKKEN 5:Dark Resurrection(subject to change on avalible PS3)
(Rules: No Mokujin for chance of randoming into Jinpachi)

There will be a section for free play for those who do not want to enter the tournament. Tournament registration is required to do so.

Break a spine…Saisyu