Gamefrog Tournament Durham:Fall Tech Oct 6,2007

After a long need rest SaiSyu is back at it!!!

Durham Gamefrog Tournament:Tech Fall
Oct 6,2007

Gamefrog Cafe
NorthGate Mall
1058 West Club Blvd
Durham, N.C 27701

(10:00am-1:00pm) Registration:$8
First game start at 1:30

Street Fighter III:3rd Strike (Start time 4:00 p:m)
(Rules:No Gill, winner keeps character,Super art is changeble)

Guilty Gear XX:Accent Core (Start time 2:00 p:m)
Rules: No Gold/Shadow/EX characters

Capcom vs SNK 2 (Start time 1:30 p:m)
Rules:No God Rugal, Orochi Iori, or Orochi Gouki,or (Evil Ryu) hah!

Samurai Showdown 2 (Start time 1:30 p:m)
Rules: No Kuroko

Super Smash Brothers (Start time 2:00 p:m)

TEKKEN 5:Dark Resurrection(subject to change on avalible PS3)
Rules: No Mokujin for chance of randoming into Jinpachi
(Start time 4:00 p:m)

There will be a section for free play for those who do not want to enter the tournament. Tournament registration is required to do so.

Break a spine…Saisyu

Ed: Boss I-no isn’t selectable anyway. GG rules are more like:

“No Gold/Shadow/EX characters”. That’s it.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

Evil Ryu is ok?



If I wasn’t taking my Series 7 Securities exam on the 9th I would be there fo sho. But as it is I am gonna be taking a 7-hour practice exam on the 6th. 260 question exams that you get 1 chance at are NOT gdlk. :sad:

Glad to see the Durham tourney making a comeback tho.

Not that it matters, because people will be fucking late regardless, but anyways…where’s the start time?

Edit: I’m fairly sure Mokujin is tourney legal, as the chance of getting Jinpachi is less than getting Jack/Ganny/Craig/etc, who suck balls without long limbs.


Is samurai Showdown 2 gonna be on Supergun or AES? Either way, sign me up for CvS2, 3rd and SS2.

Shin-Samurai Spirits will be on AES. :slight_smile:

hey ed, do you think that mabye i could try the $10/head round robin thing as a test run at the tourney? lemme know, or I’ll call you sometime this week and we can talk about it. If it’s out of the scope for the tournament, then don’t worry bout it.

I’ll be there. Good stuff. :tup:

I’m there. Guilty Gear and SS2.


Intresting development…

I’d show for SS2, but my GF has me by the balls that day. I’ll be stuck around a different bunch of filthy animals. Oh well.

Hehe…no Marvel.

I plan on being there for T5DR.

Me, Victory Blows, and Yates for DR. me for smash, unless im broke. butill play smash casuals reguardless.

I’ll be there for GG and Smash Brothers.

Of course you know im there Ed so DR will be on the roster. Why is it a minor? Im not complaining though. You said you would cover my entry into a major for helping run DR and providing a unit so put me down for 3S as well please. If there are any other games/systems you need please send me another pm before Thursday. If you need another AES or want to run anything else on it I can help with that possibly.