Gamefrog Tournament:Fall Tech! Sep 16, 2006

That would be SO pimp if he did! :lol:

Upper SC on the way!

Da Wasian - T5, 3rd
GrayHat - 3rd

Can we get a Hyper Street Fighter 2 rolling

Kanca will be play in that there is, plus a few more I know will

THis is the second tournament that I have seen KOF XI. Can someone tell me how to get this game because I want to play it bad, but I cant seem to find it.

son wheres marvel at??

If there’s Slash, I’ll go. And play XI, NGBC and possibly Zero 3 as well.

Sign me up for GGXX/, NGBC
I guess no capcom games for me

Good Question?

Hmmm… I like the move back to durham. I’m gonna see if I can get VCU to rep this tourney.

I will play A3/HSF2/CvS2, if I can make it. I will update in a few weeks.

I’m there. Put me down for Slash, XI and 3rd.

No marvel? I can run it/bring the setup if need be. 6600 DOLLAR MONEY MATCH, ANYONE VS ME, BET IT

What time is the tourney?

this just in i just decided to fly justin and sanford in for this. ill take that bet along with side action. i think two plane tickets are worth 13,000+. lol. sup isaac. i love u. i was thinking about coming to this thing. not sure yet if i wanna go. no cvs2 and no mvc2 and a bunch of random games = no good.

Jutin Wong?

Why u going to bring someone who is going to take ur money

Seems like 7 people interested in CvS2 so far…

Sign me up for cvs2, 3s, and XI.

Marvel and CvS2 owns you for free.

Marvel/CvS2/Slash tally as far as I can tell (counting the people that don’t necessarily sign up but ask “where is x at?”):

mmmmmm - 6
cccccccc - 8
sssssssssss - 11

And add about three or four that would play Slash but are too lazy to post in this thread (Jon, KDX, Rinsuku, maybe Ben/Charles/Chaz/Dale/Ron)

There are also a couple of other greenville people that will probably play slash if they can make it to this one.

Sorry if I do not recognize your SRK name, but who are you…

We could just do all the tournies. CvS2 can go smooth if we have tvs and the right people runnin it.

Charleston, SC has a good little cvs2 scene. There should be some tournaments coming up soon if yall would be interested.